Electrolux Professional WSB4650H

Suspended frame, 650l, G-factor 350, side loaded barrier washer extractor with fully programmable Clarus Control microprocessor.

Electrolux Professional WSB4650H washers

Many consumers choose the innovative laundry equipment manufactured by Electrolux because this well-known brand has a long-term expertise in this industry. This is what allows the company to design a range of evolution barrier washers that can exceed any sophisticated customer expectations. For example, their innovative and highly efficient systems allow them to save a lot of money and time while guaranteeing high hygiene levels, excellent defense against bacteria or microorganisms, and precise control over all laundry operations.

That’s why these side load washers can be a perfect addition to any laundry to create highly ergonomic, safe, and optimal working settings. They are incredibly easy and safe to operate even in heavy-duty installations. Their improved productivity and low running costs make them a perfect choice to end up with great money and time savings. This laundry equipment consumes less energy and water, thanks to its unique design and software, while ensuring precise control and washing traceability.

Electrolux WSB4650H washers benefits

  • Clean room applications and indirect steam heating;
  • Integrated load cells to show the linen weight on a special display;
  • Clarus Control microprocessor;
  • Frequency-controlled motor to provide variable drum speeds;
  • Equipped with durable stainless steel panels to increase reliability and prolong a service life;
  • Interference filters and armored cables to ensure optimal user safety and reliability;
  • Soap box with five compartments for automatic and manual supply of liquid detergents;
  • Suspended construction and no foundations are required;
  • Suitable for all kinds of clean room and hygienic installations;
  • Steam, gas, electric, and thermal fluid heating options;
  • Free programming with fixed and customized washing programs.

Electrolux Professional washers WSB4650H price

Maran Projekt GmbH offers the best deals on Electrolux washers. The company is an authorized dealer of this brand and it has long years of experience in distributing ergonomic units to different countries. Its prices are competitive to fit any customer needs.

They vary from 82294.30 to 93168.90 Euros based on available models, sizes, power capacity, and other specifications, but all units are made by this brand to last for many years and help users improve their laundry operations.

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