Electrolux Professional WP4700H

Suspended frame, 690l, G-factor 300, side loaded Pullman washer extractor with fully programmable Clarus TS microprocessor.

Electrolux Professional WP4700H washers

Electrolux is a leading brand and your reliable washing partner because it designs a range of highly intuitive and efficient washers. They offer excellent laundry results and hygiene in any settings. Their trouble-free operations are added to guarantee savings, thanks to low operational costs and low energy and water consumption.

These machines are eco-friendly and have high hygiene levels too. Their durable construction ensures that they will serve users for long years. They are easily customized and flexible to use in any location. It’s hard to find better washing equipment within the same price range today.

Electrolux WP4700H washers advantages

  • Integrated Saving and third water inlet for soft water;
  • End-of-cycle visual and sound alarms;
  • Titration valve for bath samples;
  • Built-in pH meter for improved performance traceability;
  • Sturdy stainless steel cover panels for increased durability;
  • Automated inner drum door opening at the end of each washing cycle;
  • Second drain valve for efficient water reuse;
  • Smart card writer and reader;
  • Pneumatic suspension for minimized vibrations to install machines in all locations;
  • Soap box with five compartments for manual or automatic detergent aid supply;
  • Special unfolding menus;
  • 8-color industrial touch screen;
  • Inner drum with two compartments separated by the Pullman partition to provide the best mechanical action and ergonomics;
  • Intuitive programming control panel;
  • Automated outer drum door locking and unlocking;
  • Automated inner drum positioning in unloading and loading positions;
  • The widest doors in the market;
  • 14 languages for users to choose from;
  • Frequency-controlled motor with Poly V belts for consistent, silent, and precise rotation speeds;
  • Unloading by gravity for fast and simple operations.

Electrolux Professional washers WP4700H price

Consumers opt for Maran Projekt GmbH because this reliable distributor guarantees reasonable prices on all machines. They can fit any customer budget and vary from 84227 to 85594.30 Euros based on their features, such as power and wash capacity, dimensions, configurations, etc.

It’s an official dealer of Electrolux that distributes ergonomic and economical washers globally. It guarantees all buyers long-term servicing and increased savings in addition to fast shipping.

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