Electrolux Plus Fabrication

Electrolux is a well-established company and a leading brand in the industry that create a number of effective solutions to enable all professionals benefit from the preparation areas that ensure excellent hygiene, increased productivity, and utmost flexibility.

Electrolux Professional plus fabrication units are all designed to provide consumers with the solid equipment meeting international requirements and suiting any heavy-duty environment.

Electrolux Plus Fabrication plus fabrication

The top-notch Electrolux range includes:

  • Sinks;
  • Cupboards;
  • Storage cabinets;
  • Sink cupboards;
  • Work tables;
  • Wall shelves;
  • Wall cupboards.

They all comply with the strictest standards in terms of durability, hygiene, and reliability.

The line of Electrolux cupboards consists of:

  • Worktop cupboards;
  • Pass-through worktop cupboards;
  • Hot cupboards;
  • Pass-through hot cupboards;
  • Worktop cupboards with upstand.

They all are characterized by such benefits as:

  • Sturdy construction and improved stability, thanks to welded legs and frame;
  • Thick waterproof reinforcement;
  • Easy cleaning, use, and maintenance;
  • Suitability for international requirements and intense use.

Electrolux sink cupboards are available in different types, including:

  • Dishwasher sink cupboards;
  • Single and double bowl sink cupboards;
  • Cupboards with drainers.

All plus fabrication sink cupboards have a solid stainless steel construction to provide users with improved stability. They are stable and tested by independent certified bodies. Sink bowls are sound-deadening and stainless steel doors are double-walled. The entire system is reliable and easy to use.

Electrolux sinks also offer a wide choice to consumers:

  • Soaking tanks;
  • Dishwasher sinks;
  • Single and double bowl sinks;
  • Bowl sinks with drainers.

All units are durable and reliable, thanks to their stainless steel construction. They have welded legs and frame, high-profile worktops, sound-deadened sink bowls and drainers, optional accessories, and so on.

Electrolux storage cabinets in this line have the following characteristics:

  • Equipped with intermediate shelves that users can position at different heights;
  • Sturdy construction and increased reliability;
  • Waterproof and double-sided undertops;
  • Welded legs and frames.

Electrolux wall cupboards have upturned panel edges to ensure easy cleaning, sound-deadened doors, intermediate adjustable shelves, perfect hygiene, sturdy stainless steel construction, tested and reliable door systems, end limit stops and roll bearing, high-profile base panels, etc.

Wall shelves and work tables in this Electrolux product range also have a number of benefits, including easy cleaning, simplified maintenance, improved ergonomics, increased functionality, utmost flexibility, and excellent results.

How to get Electrolux Professional plus fabrication

To get high-quality and extra functional plus fabrication units designed by Electrolux, turn to Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an authorized dealer that ships Electrolux kitchen equipment to many countries at affordable rates. We provide consumers with international delivery and services. You can trust us because we have a lot of experience in the industry and we can ship your order to any part of the world. Qualified specialists speak German and English and they can write messages in any language. Maran Projekt GmbH is the company that specializes in distributing top-quality Electrolux equipment. If you need a manual, send your request to get it for free. Electrolux is also famous for a large service network with more than 200 centers.

Electrolux Professional plus fabrication price

When shopping for plus fabrication units designed by Electrolux, all consumers want to get the best price. Maran Projekt GmbH is an authorized Electrolux dealer with competitive prices and other beneficial offers. No matter of your budget, you can be sure to find excellent plus fabrication units for your needs. Their prices range according to the equipment type you choose and product specifications, such as dimensions, extra features, etc. Electrolux equipment for commercial kitchens is worth spending your money on and it will pay for itself over time.

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