Electrolux Floor Drains and Collecting Tanks

Electrolux Professional floor drains and collecting tanks

Electrolux designs and manufactures a wide range of products necessary to any professional or other kitchen. Discover the best one for your business needs. High-quality Electrolux Professional floor drains and collecting tanks provide users with increased durability, flexibility, and ergonomics. This well-established brand has a perfect solution for any customer to boost sustainability and productivity.

Want to create the most reliable preparation area? Electrolux enables you to do that with its full range of stainless steel fabrication. Collecting tanks and floor drains meet the highest hygiene standards and guarantee the best results with utmost reliability and productivity.

Electrolux floor drains and collecting tanks benefits

High-quality units manufactured by Electrolux allow users to customize any kitchen area the way they need. The company uses the most advanced technologies, and this is what allows is to stay an industry leader. When ordering Electrolux Professional floor drains, find out more about their benefits and product features:

  • Special anti-odor syphons;
  • Easy and fast installation;
  • Rag bolt when floor fixing is required;
  • Removable waste blockage filters;
  • Modern electromechanical finishes provides all grids with their bright appearance;
  • Easy inspection for all kinds of waste removal actions when needed;
  • Adjustable level feet;
  • Perfect for a number of drain solutions;
  • The best option if a lot of water is drained during different cleaning operations;
  • Anti-slip mesh grating;
  • Top covers are available with stainless steel grids and perforated surfaces according to customer needs;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • High-quality collecting tanks are available with horizontal drain pipes;
  • Solid top covers.

When it comes to the collecting tanks manufactured by Electrolux and shipped by Maran Projekt GmbH globally, they have similar specifications:

  • Suitability for all drain solutions;
  • Perfect for commercial and heavy-load kitchen with trolley and people transit;
  • Easy installation and regular maintenance;
  • Waste blocking filters are easy to remove;
  • Anti-odor syphons;
  • Easy to inspect for all possible waste removal actions;
  • Rag bolts for floor fixing;
  • Adjustable leveling feet;
  • Collecting tanks with vertical drain pipes;
  • Electrochemical finishes to give a bright look;
  • Durable and reliable stainless steel construction;
  • Anti-slip mesh grating with extra thickness;
  • Tops covers with either perforated surfaces or stainless steel grids;
  • Suitable for different settings where a lot of water is drained during cleaning procedures.

How to buy Electrolux Professional floor drains and collecting tanks

Maran Projekt GmbH is your reliable partner and an official distributor of Electrolux equipment. The company offers international product delivery and services to each client because it has more than 20 years of expertise in the industry. We’re ready to ship Electrolux Professional units to all parts of the world. We specialize in the kitchen equipment manufactured and designed by this famous brand. Our employees speak English and German, but we can write messages in any language. We offer Electrolux manuals for free, and all you need to do is to send a request. The company has the largest service network because it includes over 200 service centers globally.

Electrolux Professional floor drains and collecting tanks price

Maran Projekt GmbH is an official distributor that ships Electrolux kitchen equipment and appliances worldwide. This authorized dealer sets competitive prices on collecting tanks and floor drains. They range from €144.60 to €815.50 based on different characteristics, such as whether you choose horizontal or vertical types. When you order Electrolux units from Maran Projekt GmbH, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality, fast delivery, and other benefits.

Collecting tanks and floor drains will pay for themselves very fast, thanks to their functionality and durability. Compare prices online to see that Maran Projekt GmbH has the best offers on Electrolux kitchen equipment. Place your order online and end up with great savings, thanks to this reliable distributor.

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