Electrolux Modular Fabrication

The modular fabrication range designed by Electrolux offers a variety of tailor-made solutions to fit all customer needs. Electrolux Professional modular fabrication has a modern layout to blend with any kitchen perfectly. Discover everything is can do for your business.

The range has a study stainless steel structure and comes in a number of combinations, including freezer, refrigerated, neutral, and hot bases to be assembled according to individual needs.

Electrolux offers effective solutions to enable professionals create the best kitchen environment to boost their productivity. Modular fabrication also provides users with great savings, so buying it is a sound investment.

Electrolux Professional Stainless Steel Modular Fabrication

This innovative range provides consumers with a number of benefits, including:

  • Reliability;
  • Durability;
  • Modularity;
  • Safety;
  • Hygiene;
  • Design;


Electrolux guarantees a personalized choice, thanks to a unique modular structure of all elements. This is what makes it possible to combine sink tops and worktops with refrigerated, hot, freezer, and neutral bases that can be equipped with drawers or hinged doors. Users can mount worktops on legs or wall brackets and equip refrigerated, hot, and other bases with solid feet for easy removal.

Reliability and durability

Durable stainless steel worktops are thick to handle even the toughest kitchen activities. Durability and reliability of this Electrolux equipment is guaranteed by thick stainless steel, welded side corners, longitudinal reinforcement bars, etc.

Safety and hygiene

A fast and simple cleaning process is guaranteed by a special surface finish and polished and well-welded corners. Besides, deep-down cleaning is possible because of special hinged doors.


Electrolux worktops and bases in this range are available in different lengths. They offer a lot of storage space for all kinds of goods in compartments. Functionality is increased by the doors equipped with soundproof panels to reduce kitchen noise. Telescopic guide runners guarantee full-sliding drawers and make it easy to insert food containers with liquids.


The modular, rational, and modern layout of Electrolux equipment can exceed even the most demanding customer expectations. It blends with any innovative kitchen look perfectly. The modular fabrication range includes the following units:

  • A variety of accessories;
  • Drop-in bowls;
  • Cupboards for drop-in bowls;
  • Sink bowls;
  • Worktops;
  • Wall cupboards;
  • Undercounter ambient units;
  • Undercounter freezer and refrigerated cupboards;
  • Undercounter hot cupboards.

They all comply with international standards and are easy to clean and operate. This Electrolux product range guarantees stability, durability, ergonomics, and other benefits.

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