Electrolux Traditional Hoods with Fan

Looking for the best ventilation solution on the market? Electrolux Professional traditional hoods with fan are your excellent choice if your commercial kitchen needs powerful and innovative units to create a healthy and comfortable environment.

The diverse product range created by a leading manufacturer has different sizes, functions, and models to suit all customer needs. All traditional hoods are equipped with unique stainless steel labyrinth filters. They combine the best extraction results with silent running.

No matter of your requirements, you’re sure to find a perfect Electrolux hood if you take a look at competitive Maran Projekt GmbH offers.

Electrolux Professional traditional hoods with fan

Do you want to cook without distractions? You need powerful hoods to keep large commercial kitchens odor-free while running quietly and creating a comfortable setting. Electrolux designs a full range of traditional hoods to meet all customer requirements. Their clean and ergonomic designs match any kitchen environment perfectly.

All units are equipped with sturdy aluminum grease filters that are easy to clean, and they guarantee the best performance of this ventilation equipment under any circumstances. It’s simple to keep Electrolux hoods working as good as new to keep your commercial kitchen fresh and airy. Different cooking procedures produce unwanted fumes and odors, but this high-quality equipment has a wide suction area and speed to solve this problem easily and fast. The Electrolux range of traditional hoods consists of the following models:

  • Master Ventil;
  • Block Ventil.

Block Ventil traditional hoods have excellent product features, including:

  • All external panels have upturned edges to avoid accidental injuries and increase user safety;
  • Lowered noise levels and quiet operations;
  • Stainless steel labyrinth filters are easy to remove for regular cleaning;
  • Unique filters ensure ongoing filtration results to protect users against fire and avoid clogging;
  • Durable stainless steel condensation collection trays and blind panels for the best exhaustion;
  • Equipped with screw anchors and eyebolts;
  • Prearranged for lighting installation;
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction;
  • Outlet holes are sized to minimize possible pressure drops;
  • Lead holes for electric cables on top;
  • Gutters with drain holes to transfer all grease particles into special containers.

Master Ventil traditional hoods are designed by Electrolux with similar specifications, and they all provide users with such benefits as:

  • Smooth and quiet functioning;
  • Healthy and clean environment in any commercial kitchen;
  • Increased safety and productivity;
  • Improved ergonomics and functionality;
  • Reduced energy bills and great savings;
  • Easy installation, use, and maintenance of all compartments.

How to order Electrolux Professional traditional hoods with fan

Consumers choose Maran Projekt GmbH when shopping for high-quality traditional hoods with fan. It’s an authorized dealer of Electrolux equipment that delivers customer orders to different parts of the world. We offer fast order shipping and exceptional international services. We speak German and English, but out specialists can exchange messages on any language. Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable company with 20 years of expertise. We specialize in supplying highly efficient Electrolux hoods and other equipment internationally. If you need any product manuals, we are ready to send them for free to any customer. Electrolux is a leading manufacturer with 200 service center and the largest service network in the world.

Electrolux Professional traditional hoods with fan price

To save money and get the best equipment performance, turn to Maran Projekt GmbH. The company sets reasonable prices on all Electrolux traditional hoods to suit any customer budget and finances. Prices vary according to product specifications and chosen type. Whatever traditional hood you choose, you’re guaranteed to end up with savings because Electrolux equipment is economical and highly efficient. Maran Projekt GmbH ships all customer orders fast and offers the necessary quality guarantees. Make your wise investment.

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