Electrolux Ventilation ceilings

Highly efficient ventilation systems designed by Electrolux are your ideal companions if you want to use innovative and powerful equipment in your commercial kitchen. Electrolux Professional ventilation ceilings can help you create a healthy and fresh environment.

The full product range created by Electrolux is available in different models and dimensions to suit all customer needs. Choose these effective ventilation solutions to benefit from the power, easiness, and flexibility that you’re searching for.

This well-established brand has the best options to boost the sustainability and productivity of your kitchen. Order them from Maran Projekt GmbH.

Electrolux Professional ventilation ceilings

The product range designed by Electrolux consists of:

  • Airflow jet inlet units;
  • Air inlet units;
  • Lighting elements;
  • Central type ventilation ceiling;
  • Wash central-type ventilation ceiling;
  • Wall-type ventilation ceiling;
  • Wash wall-type ventilation ceiling.

The company does its best to provide consumers with the safest and most efficient ventilation for commercial kitchens. The use of this high-quality equipment results in great energy savings and lower energy consumption. Ventilation ceilings use innovative technology to capture all kinds of pollutants and heat from a kitchen environment to help users create a better working setting. They effectively eliminate all kinds of unwanted fumes, odors, and grease particles.

Excellent ventilation plays an important role in keeping any professional kitchen appealing and comfortably. It must get rid of different cooking odors and airborne grease. Electrolux offers a good choice of highly efficient and reliable ventilation ceilings to help users achieve this goal. As every commercial kitchen and layout has specific air flow features, the company does its best to create quiet, effective, and unobtrusive ventilation systems. They have the following benefits:

  • Excellent performance and functionalities;
  • Quiet running and powerful motors;
  • Ease of use and maintenance;
  • Highly efficient filters to remove all cooking odors and grease particles;
  • High-quality lighting;
  • Remote controls for different fan speeds, lighting, and other product features;
  • Constructed in sturdy stainless steel to increase durability and service life;
  • A range of designs to suit any kitchen appliances and needs;
  • Dishwasher-safe compartments for easy regular cleaning;
  • Compliance with the necessary international safety and hygiene standards;
  • Improved safety to avoid accidental injuries;
  • Increased quality and ergonomics;
  • Easy installation;
  • Custom-made designs;
  • High rates of productivity;
  • High efficiency in eliminating all kinds of unwanted fumes, unpleasant odors, and grease particles from a kitchen environment.

Where to get Electrolux Professional ventilation ceilings

Modern consumers choose Maran Projekt GmbH when shopping for the best ventilation ceilings. That’s because it’s an authorized dealer that offers high-quality international services and delivery. The company specializes in distributing top-notch ventilation ceilings to any part of the world and has 20 years of expertise in this area. Electrolux is a leading manufacturer that has the largest service network in the world with about 200 centers. Maran Projekt GmbH speaks German and English, but we exchange messages with our clients in any language. If you want to get Electrolux product manuals, send your request and we will send them for free.

Electrolux Professional ventilation ceilings price

Maran Projekt GmbH is an official distributor of Electrolux ventilation equipment globally. Consumers choose it because of reasonable prices that can fit any budget size. Prices on high-quality ventilation ceilings vary based on the type you choose and different product features, including sizes, weight, power, and others. No matter what choice you make, you’re guaranteed to get the best equipment performance and reliable servicing. Maran Projekt GmbH ships all customer orders fast and guarantees durability and great savings. This powerful ventilation equipment will pay for itself over time because it’s economic and efficient.

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