Electrolux Extraction/inlet units

If you need powerful, innovative, and versatile ventilation solutions for your commercial kitchen, don’t hesitate to choose Electrolux Professional extraction/inlet units. The product range designed and manufactured by this brand is diverse to meet all specific customer requirements.

Electrolux is a leading brand in producing high-quality equipment solutions for commercial kitchens. These units allow users to create the most innovative and powerful ventilation system to guarantee a comfortable and odorless kitchen environment.

Top-notch inlet and extraction units are distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH. Take advantage of their reliability, improved safety, and advanced features.

Electrolux Professional extraction/inlet units

The product range created by Electrolux includes the following:

  • Fan heaters;
  • Air cleaner extraction units;
  • Inlet units with 1 and 2 speeds;
  • Extraction units with 1 and 2 speeds;
  • Jet extraction units;
  • Direct drive extraction units.

In the kitchens of all professional establishments, including event halls, hotels, and restaurants, temperature increases are hard to avoid because of generated heat and the use of different appliances, like ovens. This is what makes the environment inconvenient and unhealthy for everyone. Install high-quality Electrolux inlet and extraction units to solve this common problem. They also have all users to achieve the following important goals:

  • Maintain the conditions necessary for comfort, hygiene, and health of all people in commercial kitchens;
  • Extra the air contaminated by different grease particles, odors, and other products;
  • Extra the heat generated by convection;
  • Renew the air in kitchens and nearby areas to maintain appropriate temperature levels;
  • Extra the moisture generated by all kinds of cooking tasks;
  • Comply with all safety and hygiene laws.

The good news is that advanced and functional Electrolux extraction/inlet units allow customers achieve all of these objectives easily. Install them in your working environment to guarantee the efficient and fast extraction of stale and contaminated air and entry of fresh air. The use of this equipment ensures that different odors, fumes, heat, and grease are expelled from your kitchen to prevent its further contamination.

These highly durable systems should be installed to eliminate unpleasant smells and capture all grease particles. Their use brings excellent cost savings over time, so this investment will pay for itself fast. It’s important for any professional kitchen to have highly efficient inlet and extraction units. The greatest attention is paid to this area because of the present of toxic grease, heat, fumes, smoke, and different particles that may cause a fire. They all should be effectively extracted to let fresh air inside. Electrolux units are very versatile and universal.

How to order Electrolux Professional extraction/inlet units

Why turn to Maran Projekt GmbH to get inlet and extraction units designed by Electrolux? It’s an authorized dealer of this well-established brand that provides customers with international shipping and services. We specialize in top-notch Electrolux equipment and have 20 years of expertise in this field. Maran Projekt GmbH is ready to ship your order to any part of the world. We speak both German and English, and our specialists send messages in all languages. If you need a product manual, we can send you it for free after receiving your customer request. Maran Projekt GmbH can become your reliable partner if you choose Electrolux that has the biggest service network with 200 centers in the world.

Electrolux Professional extraction/inlet units price

Maran Projekt GmbH is an official international distributor of Electrolux equipment for professionals. Choose it when you order the inlet or extraction units manufactured by this brand. Prices are quite competitive and they can suit any budget, even a limited one. They range based on unit types and their specifications, such as workload and power. Whatever Electrolux unit you choose for your ventilation system, you will benefit from its outstanding quality, functionality, ergonomics, durability, and long-term servicing.

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