Electrolux Shelving System

Electrolux is a leader in manufacturing different shelves for any functional preparation area. Choose the best Electrolux Professional shelving system to get rational and practical solutions to any storage problem.

This product range is very versatile, highly reliable, and extremely practical because only high-quality materials are used by the company to manufacture all shelves. They guarantee a long-term service life, even in tough conditions, including very humid settings.

Top-quality shelves have modular designs and different combinations to let users use their available spaces effectively. Choose the best storage solution for your kitchen from Maran Projekt GmbH.

Electrolux Professional Stainless Steel shelving system

The shelving systems manufactured by Electrolux come in different types, such as:

  • Corner and linear systems;
  • Modular shelving;
  • Aluminum shelving.

Corner shelving systems offer these benefits to all consumers:

  • Equipped with special bar clamps;
  • Can be positioned anywhere;
  • Shelf frames and uprights are constructed in durable aluminum;
  • Corner lamps and tiers;
  • Easy and fast fixing;
  • Sectional shelves are dishwasher safe;
  • Compliance with strict hygiene standards;
  • Height-adjustable feet.

Linear shelf installations have similar product features and they all are designed by Electrolux to exceed the highest customer expectations.

Modular shelving systems

They provide users with flexible, practical, and rational storage solutions. Choose from different widths and depths to fit a number of combinations and use your limited space wisely. All Electrolux shelves come perforated or with a full worktop. They are easy to install because stainless steel joints allow their fast and easy fixing. Side uprights come in different lengths and have adjustable feet.

Electrolux modular shelving systems are also easy to clean because of smooth finish surfaces and rounded edges. They all comply with strict international hygiene standards and are extremely easy to use. All shelves are U-turned to provide users with improved safety. Optional accessories include hooks, sway braces, and meat rails. The modular shelves designed by Electrolux are easy to maintain because they’re constructed in durable stainless steel to ensure a long service life even in very humid settings. The modular shelving system is easy on the environment too.

Aluminum shelving systems and solid shelves

This Electrolux product range is created to offer rational and effective solutions to all kinds of storage issues. It consists of different models of high-quality shelving systems and a variety of solid shelves. They are easy to clean and install, are eco-friendly, and can be positioned at different levels based on customer requirements. All Electrolux shelves are designed to beat a maximum load and constructed in durable stainless steel. They meet the strictest international requirements in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

How to buy Electrolux Professional shelving system

Why turn to Maran Projekt GmbH to get the shelving system you need? It’s a reputable and authorized dealer of Electrolux shelves and other units. We ship products internationally and offer efficient customer services. The company has 20 years of experience in this industry and specializes in Electrolux equipment of any type. Maran Projekt GmbH can become your reliable partner because it ships high-quality shelves to any country and offers free manuals when needed. Electrolux is famous for its large service network with about 200 centers. Our specialists speak German and English and they can communicate in any language in messages.

Electrolux Professional shelving system price

The price of shelving systems is one of the main deciding factors when shopping online. As an authorized supplier of Electrolux units, Maran Projekt GmbH sets reasonable prices on all shelves to fit any customer budget perfectly. Prices vary according to the type you choose and different specifications, like a number of shelves and their length. No matter of the ordered Electrolux system, you’ll get access to many benefits, such as fast shipping, long-term service, improved functionality, ergonomics, savings, and high hygiene standards.

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