Electrolux Hoods for ovens & dishwashers

If your professional kitchen needs powerful, innovative, and versatile ventilation solutions, the high-quality hood range designed by Electrolux is your best choice.

Electrolux Professional hoods for ovens & dishwashers are available in different sizes and types to suit all sophisticated customer needs. This professional equipment combines an excellent design, efficient extraction, silent running, and other benefits offered by this leading brand.

No matter of your requirements, Maran Projekt GmbH guarantees that you’ll find a perfect hood for dishwashers or ovens. Order top-notch hoods to create the space where you’ll love spending time and working in.

Electrolux Professional hoods for ovens & dishwashers

The Electrolux range of hoods includes:

  • Hoods for ovens;
  • Hoods for dishwashers.

They all enable users to benefit from cooking with no distractions because they keep even large spaces odor-free. The best part is that they run without any noise, thus adding to a comfortable professional environment. Electrolux hoods can adjust their extraction speed according to different cooking and other activities in the area where they’re installed. This means that you can fry, sear, and do other things even without touching this highly efficient ventilation equipment.

Electrolux also enables you to make a commercial kitchen look as great as it feels. The well-established company offers a variety of hoods for dishwashers and ovens to let users find the best combination. Start enjoying effective, quiet, and hands-free ventilation in your favorite style. Another great benefit is that Electrolux hoods are very energy-efficient, thus allowing customers to save money on regular bills. Pay attention to their lighting, grease-filtering, noise level, and other product characteristics.

Hoods for ovens

  • Ongoing elimination of different fumes and odors produced during all kinds of cooking processes;
  • Guaranteed high energy savings and correct aspiration;
  • Dishwasher-safe mechanical filters, thanks to their smooth surfaces;
  • Fire hazard protection of all filtering surfaces;
  • Special labyrinth filters are easily removed to give simple access to descaling pipes;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Equipped with a special exhaust gat outlet chamber and optional accessories;
  • Units without fans should be connected to remote extractions via canalization;
  • Easy use, maintenance, and installation.

Hoods for dishwashers

  • Low noise levels;
  • Constructed in sturdy stainless steel;
  • Upturned edges on all external edges to avoid any possible accidental injuries;
  • Outlet holes are sized to minimize potential pressure drops;
  • Screw anchors and eyebolts for ceiling installation and other optional accessories;
  • Easy cleaning and use;
  • Ergonomics and reliability;
  • Internal baffles to improve steam collection and condensation.

Where to order Electrolux Professional hoods for ovens & dishwashers

Many people turn to Maran Projekt GmbH when they need high-quality hoods for dishwashers or ovens. It’s a reliable supplier of Electrolux equipment that ships units to any part of the world. We provide consumers with a range of international services and delivery. Maran Projekt GmbH has over 20 years of experience in the industry and it specializes in distributing top-notch ventilation equipment solutions designed by Electrolux, a leading brand famous for the largest service network with about 200 centers globally. Our specialists speak both English and German and can communicate in any language in messages. Do you need any Electrolux product manuals? Send us your request and we will give them for free.

Electrolux Professional hoods for ovens & dishwashers price

Maran Projekt GmbH is an authorized dealer that distributes innovative and functional hoods designed by Electrolux worldwide. Prices on this highly efficient and reliable ventilation equipment vary based on the chosen type and such product features as the availability of fans. Prices are very competitive and they can suit any customer budget. Whatever Electrolux hood you choose, you’re guaranteed to receive its outstanding performance, durability, and long-term service. Maran Projekt GmbH is your best choice.

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