Electrolux Traditional Hoods

If you want to create a comfortable and fresh environment in your commercial kitchen, Electrolux Professional traditional hoods can help you. It’s a leading manufacturer that offers a good choice of quality and highly efficient traditional hoods.

You can choose from subtle and stylish models to get the right ambience in your kitchen while complementing its design perfectly.

Each line of Electrolux hoods is designed to help users improve the air quality in commercial kitchens and increase productivity. It’s important to have a healthy and convenient setting to cook all kinds of meals perfectly.

Electrolux Professional traditional hoods

The range of traditional hoods manufactured by Electrolux includes:

  • Export-E;
  • Block-B;
  • Vapor-V;
  • Master-M.

The clean and effortless design of traditional hoods created by Electrolux makes a nice match with other kitchen appliances. They provide users with such benefits as:

  • Upturned edges on all external levels to improve safety and avoid injuries;
  • Low noise levels;
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction;
  • Prearranged for lighting installation;
  • A wider view on cooking because they cover the entire hob surface;
  • Powerful performance, thanks to a strong motor that guarantees highly efficient and faster ventilation to keep any commercial kitchen always free of different cooking fumes or odors;
  • Special sliding settings enabled by simple selection through user-friendly controls that ensure easy use and maintenance;
  • Possibility to keep things clean, thanks to high-quality and sturdy aluminum grease filters that are easy to wash and guarantee the best hood performance;
  • A perfect view on every delicious meal because of powerful halogen lamps;
  • Increased power to keep the air in professional kitchens always clean and fresh;
  • Effortless options to control the freshness and comfort of your working environment;
  • Timeless kitchen style and design;
  • Instant results from a smoked-filled environment to fresh and clean settings;
  • Improved performance with striking hood designs;
  • Ease in keeping traditional hoods working as good as new;
  • Keeping your commercial kitchen odor-free and fresh constantly.

High-quality traditional hoods manufactured by Electrolux enable users to add an extra storage space and element of style to their kitchens. That’s because different models are easily integrated into cabinets. This professional equipment allows you to clearly see what’s happening on any cooking zone while staying almost invisible. Don’t forget about simple settings and easy controls. Traditional hoods can fit any kitchen environment perfectly, and that’s why they are convenient and practical ventilation solutions. They are highly efficient, ergonomic, and economic to provide consumers with great savings on regular utility bills.

Where to buy Electrolux Professional traditional hoods

There are different reasons to choose Maran Projekt GmbH when shopping for top-quality traditional hoods for commercial kitchens. They are designed by Electrolux to serve all customer purposes, and we distribute this reliable equipment to any part of the world. We have many years of expertise in this area and specialize in distributing all kinds of equipment solutions designed by Electrolux globally. Maran Projekt GmbH provides all customers with excellent international services and fast delivery. Electrolux is an industry leader with the biggest service network that consists of 200 centers. Our professionals speak German and English, but they can exchange messages with customers in any language. If you need Electrolux product manuals, send your request and get them for free.

Electrolux Professional traditional hoods price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable distributor of Electrolux equipment worldwide. The company sets reasonable prices on the full range of traditional hoods to suit any consumer budget. Prices vary based on the hood type and product specifications, such as sizes, weight, power, etc. No matter of your choice, Electrolux guarantees the best equipment performance and ventilation results. Maran Projekt GmbH ensures that your order will be delivered fast and it will serve you for a very long time with no errors.

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