Electrolux Professional Sorting Tables

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Electrolux Professional Sorting Tables

Electrolux is famous for designing outstanding equipment, including top-quality dishwashers. Some models can function at their full potential when combined with special sorting tables. They offer reliable and ergonomic solutions to get the most efficient flow of any dishwashing room. The Electrolux range contains manual and automatic dishwasher driven sorting tables. You can get all of them from Maran Projekt GmbH. What are the best features?

  • Easy installation because of key holes and the snap-on system;
  • Adjustable feet;
  • Thick welded flanges for sturdy connections;
  • Easy use because of manual sorting and receiving operations;
  • Manual racks handling with long rollers;
  • Equipped with a variety of useful accessories, including tray slides, adjustable over-shelves for storing and emptying baskets, under shelves, basic wash nozzles, and others;
  • Durable stainless steel strainer basket to guarantee easy operations;
  • Improved end-limit switch for increased reliability and cleanability;
  • Special stacking tables;
  • Double filter strainer to be installed on both sides;
  • Smooth surfaces with polished finishes for easy cleaning;
  • Rollers and strainer boxes are easy to remove;
  • Double-bent profile to avoid sharp edges.

Electrolux Professional Sorting Tables Price

When shopping for the best-quality sorting tables designed by Electrolux, visit Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official distributor of Electrolux equipment worldwide. The company sets competitive prices on different sorting tables, ranging from €48.96 to €3,628.22 based on a particular type, design, and functions. Whatever unit you choose, you’re guaranteed to get outstanding functionality, ergonomics, and long-term service.

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