Electrolux Tumble dryer T4300LE (mod 9874010001)

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Electrolux 9874010001 Product Features

300l, tumble dryer with Selecta microprocessor.

The range of Electrolux tumble dryers is tailor-made to fulfill all customer demands easily. This means that consumers can customize professional laundry units with a number of accessories and options to end up with the best drying solution. Think about guaranteed energy savings that will provide you with a lot of money in the end. Discover a number of benefits, including saved time, zero downtime, saved space, more flexibility, outstanding performance, and others.

Tumble dryers are equipped with special condensing units to remove excess humidity and provide users with excellent laundry solutions. Their use allows consumers to avoid any possible damage to all kinds of delicate items. Tumble dryers also guarantee optimal air conditions and reduced drying times. Don’t hesitate to order them to take advantage of detergent, energy, and water savings in addition to maximal flexibility and efficient dry cycles. Make your life easier with the professional laundry equipment created by Electrolux.

Electrolux T4300LE tumble dryer advantages:

  • Free-standing commercial tumble dryer;
  • Comes with a heat pump and a Selecta microprocessor;
  • Reduced energy consumption to provide users with regular savings on bills;
  • Sturdy stainless steel drum to increase durability;
  • Special anti-wrinkle function;
  • Large door opening for simple and fast loading and unloading;
  • The exhaust duct isn’t required;
  • RMC and an integrated service program;
  • Effective residual moisture control;
  • Equipped with a reversing drum;
  • Meeting all the necessary industry requirements and international standards;
  • Easy use and maintenance;
  • Increased water and time savings;
  • Improved ergonomics and reliability;
  • High level of comfort and hygiene;
  • The best drying results;
  • Guaranteed user safety and high efficiency.

Electrolux Professional T4300LE tumble dryer

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Another benefit is that it sets competitive prices on all tumble dryers to suit any budget limits. Prices vary based on product features, such as power output, load capacity, and much more. Whatever unit you order, you’re making a great investment because of future savings. Buy Electrolux Tumble dryer T4300LE (mod 9874010001) online at a favorable price (prezzo, prix, precio, preço).


Electrolux 9874010001 Specifications

  • PNC : 9874010001
  • Obsolete : N
  • Codification : A
  • Model : T4300LE
  • Voltage supply : 400 V
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Phase : 3 phases with neutral
  • Brand name : Electrolux
  • Language : English
  • Drum volume : 300LE
  • Control system : Selecta AHL
  • Heating : HP
  • Colour front : Blue
  • Colour side : Grey
  • Door hinged : Right hinged door
  • Payment system : No payment
  • Supply disconnector : Heat pump
  • Drum material : Galvanized
  • Heating power : Heat pump
  • Coin meter : None
  • Residual moisture control (RMC) : Yes
  • Frequency control : No
  • External connection (1,25 A) : No
  • Exhaust damper : No
  • Country box : EU
  • Language group Compass : AU-CZ-DK-NL-EN-FI-FR-DE-EE-GR-HU-IT-JP-LV-LT-MT-NO-PL-PT-RU-ES-SL-SK
  • Special variants : Customised variant
  • Approvals : CE approval
  • Lock on lint door : No
  • Integrated condensing unit : No
  • Indicator lamp : No
  • Emergency stop button : No
  • Sliding : None
  • Transformer : No
  • Reversing : Yes

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