Electrolux Air inlet units

Electrolux Professional air inlet units

Electrolux is a leader on the modern market when it comes to designing and manufacturing highly efficient and innovative ventilation systems. Electrolux Professional air inlet units are created to help users enjoy fresh and clean air in any commercial kitchen.

Electrolux air inlet units features

The product range manufactured by Electrolux provides all users with these benefits:

  • Special labyrinth filters for increased productivity;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • A good choice of models, dimensions, and functions to suit any customer need;
  • Improved user safety and avoidance of all accidental injuries;
  • Compartments are easily installed and maintained;
  • Easy regular cleaning and increased ergonomics;
  • The best quality;
  • Guaranteed ventilation results and high efficiency rates in eliminating all kinds of unwanted odors, fumes, grease, and unpleasant cooking smells;
  • Lowered energy consumption and reduced regular utility bills and increased savings;
  • Compliance with all international standards to ensure a high level of hygiene and safety;
  • Suitable for heavy-duty areas and perfect for commercial kitchens.

Electrolux Professional air inlet units price

Maran Projekt GmbH is an official distributor of Electrolux ventilation units internationally. It sets reasonable prices on all air inlet units to let consumers with any budget benefit from their use. Prices range from €654 to €859.70 based on different product characteristics and models. Electrolux guarantees the best performance and reliability, no matter of your choice air inlet type. Maran Projekt GmbH ships all customer orders fast to any part of the world. This ventilation equipment is a good investment because it’s highly economic.

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