Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens - Electric

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens – Electric

When it comes to equipping your kitchen with up-to-date appliances, you certainly can’t do without an oven because it’s one of the cornerstones of cooking. That’s the case where premium electric ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH come in handy. Premium ovens from this brand belong to the category of devices with a high level of functionality, practicality, and reliability.

Electrolux premium electric ovens are distinguished by a well-thought-out ergonomic design, a variety of great options that makes them an ideal element of the modern kitchen. The equipment is manufactured in compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Electrolux SkyLine Premium Ovens – Electric

The cooking surfaces of premium electric ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH are made of heat-resistant, impact-resistant, tempered glass ceramics. This coating is quite practical and convenient in daily use. The burners are equipped with indicators of residual heat that ensure safety in operation, and also informs the owner about the possibility of warming up the dish using this residual heat, which significantly reduces energy consumption.

The capacious electric premium ovens from the respected brand provide different cooking modes. Apart from baking and stewing, you can also cook steamed and grilled dishes. For safety reasons, the oven doors are made of double heat-resistant glass.

Like all modern home appliances, Electrolux premium electric ovens have an increased level of energy efficiency, ensuring significant energy savings without compromising the performance of the device.

Electrolux SkyLine Premium Ovens – Electric Features

The glass-ceramic coating is a typical feature of premium electric ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH. It appeals to many customers thanks to its modern design. To achieve this, the manufacturer implements a number of innovative technologies. Glass ceramic coating has indisputable advantages. It withstands temperature changes, strong heating and a large weight mounted on the surface.

The major features of these premium appliances include:

  • The PlusSteam function: Here food is processed by steam. The function is used to sterilize dishes, maintain low temperatures when cooking dietary food;
  • An electric timer: It shows the cooking time of various dishes and possible modes for use;
  • A door of an improved type: It comes with a new suspension system, which makes it possible to remove it and rinse the most inaccessible areas.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens – Electric Price

The price range of premium electric ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH varies. As a rule, it’s not cheap enough. However, it’s quite logical considering the elite status of appliances manufactured by this company. If you shell out a decent sum for such an oven, you can be assured that your cooking process will be trouble-free and smooth. Electrolux Professional never lets cookers down.

Electrolux happens to be a reputable Swiss manufacturer specializing in kitchen appliances and various household equipment. Electrolux exports top-notch products to more than 150 countries around the world. The company's manufacturing facilities are located in Europe, North and South America.

By the way, the company also owns such brands as AEG, Zanussi, REX, Zoppas, Eureka as well as many others. Under the Electrolux brand, you can purchase refrigerators, washing machines, electric and gas stoves, and other small and large household appliances.

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