Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens - gas

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens - Gas

Once a premium gas oven from Maran Projekt GmbH appears in your kitchen, you will realize that the most delicious food is one cooked at home with great love. Kitchen appliances from the reputable Swedish producers make it possible. Moreover, you no longer need to stand at the stove, constantly checking the readiness of food not to have your food burnt. In this case, smart technology will take care of the cooking process, thus ensuring a consistently good result.

Premium gas ovens from this reputable brand will help you to fulfill your dream of creating a modern, comfortable and stylish kitchen. They are equipped with an effective gas control system and electric ignition to protect you from gas leakage in case of an accidental start-up. The double glass of the premium gas ovens do not allow the air to overheat in a room with a device turned on.

Premium gas ovens from the respected manufacturer belong to the energy class A, which makes their operation economical. The most functional models of the brand come with a grill mode combined with a fan, and also have up to three levels of simultaneous cooking.

Premium gas ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH feature surfaces coated with acid-resistant enamel, which makes cleaning easy and quick. For greater convenience, these devices also come with a removable oven door. These ovens boast a classic elegant and ergonomic design.

Electrolux SkyLine Premium Ovens – Gas Features

Household appliances from Maran Projekt GmbH are popular in many countries around the world. Users appreciate them for their high quality and reliable operation, the presence of a large set of useful functions, not to mention their high cost-effectiveness.

Gas-fired appliances from the reputable producer have durable components. Well, the case is made of stainless steel. The heat-resistant grill located above the burners is made of cast iron. The pots and pans stand reliably on it. The hob is protected by a special coating of enamel or stainless steel. Needless to say, such ovens are functional, appealing and easy to maintain.

A distinctive feature of premium ovens from the brand is that each model has an expanded set of functions. In addition to the traditional bottom heating, many appliances are equipped with a grill or convection.

Users also note such useful options as electric ignition of burners, a timer that informs the customer that cooking is finished with an audible signal, gas control that prevents leakage, and also a thermostat that maintains the set temperature during the entire cooking process.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens – Gas Price

Since you are dealing with premium gas ovens from the well-known producer, you can’t count on budget prices. Prices vary by model. For example, Electrolux ECOG61B2H0 is slightly cheaper than ECOG102B2G0. Prices may also vary. Keep track of current information on the site. In this case, you are paying for the premium status that means the highest possible quality.    

Despite the abundance of functions and technical options, using premium gas ovens from this manufacturer is not difficult. The digital display will help you to set the necessary parameters, and in turn, the smart device will control their use.

Great advantages of premium gas ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH:

  • Reliable, long-term work;
  • Parts made of durable materials;
  • Attractive modern design;
  • Advanced features and useful options;
  • A thought-out component protection system.

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