Front Loading Pot and Pan Washers

Electrolux Professional Front Loading Pot and Pan Washers

Front loading washers designed by Electrolux are heavy-duty and high-performance utensil washing machines suitable for pots, pans, containers, and other soiled kitchen utensils. Maran Projekt GmbH distributes the front loading range worldwide. Top-quality units are in high demand because of outstanding functionality:

  • Compact units with a standard door;
  • Tall machines with a high door;
  • Wide washers with a large door;
  • Different sizes are available;
  • 3-sided wash arms for all-round cleaning of big items;
  • Special device to click out when not needed;
  • Half doors that are counterbalanced and split by 2 telescopic arms to lighten the load when closing and opening;
  • Lateral wash arms to increase the wash coverage;
  • Heavy-duty re-circulating wash pump;
  • Double-skin insulated doors divided in two parts with a frontal opening to allow easy access;
  • Atmospheric rinse booster pump and boiler combined for the best rinsing results;
  • Double-skin insulated walls to minimize heat loss and guarantee low noise levels;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Self-diagnostic digital control panel;
  • Temperature display with the automatic alert system;
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle to minimize a risk of bacteria proliferation.

Electrolux Professional Front Loading Pot and Pan Washers Price

Want to get front loading pot and pan washers? Order the best machine from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official Electrolux distributor. Prices on professional front loading washers are very competitive and range from €3,534 to €14,831 based on such specifications as electrical power, size, and others. No matter of your final choice, any machine guaranteed the best washing results and reduced running costs.

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