Pass-Through Pot and Pan Washers

Electrolux Professional Pass-Through Pot and Pan Washers

Pot and pan washers crafted by Electrolux are perfect solutions for all demanding clients searching for high performance and durability. Machines are ideal for cleaning trays, pots, utensils, pans, etc. The ergonomic and flexible operation offers the best washing and sanitation results. Electrolux promises excellent washing operations and reduced running costs. Professional pass-through washers are available in a few sizes: wide and compact.

  • Improved ergonomics and efficiency of all pot washing operations;
  • Heavy items can slide out to avoid heavy lifting;
  • Uploading, loading, and prewash tables are optional accessories;
  • Minimized risk of manual handling injuries;
  • Auto-lifting double-skin foam-insulated hood;
  • Heavy-duty and high-performance units;
  • Electronic control panel with different wash cycles;
  • Lower energy, water, rinse aid, and detergent consumption;
  • One-touch operations with a precise digital self-diagnostic and temperature display;
  • Atmospheric boiler ensures constant rinsing temperatures;
  • Integrated safety thermostop guarantees correct rinsing temperature levels;
  • Extra-large hood clearance allows users to wash oversize items.

Electrolux Professional Pass-Through Pot and Pan Washers Price

When shopping for pass-through pot and pan washers designed by Electrolux, order them from Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s a reliable distributor worldwide that offers a number of benefits to all customers. Prices set by Maran on Electrolux units are very reasonable and range from €14,203 to €17,794 based on electrical power, weight, and other specifications. No matter of your choice, you’ll benefit from incredible durability, longevity, and quality.

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