Electrolux Professional Utensil dishwashers WTU40 with continuous water softener (CWS)

Electrolux Professional WTU40 utensil dishwashers with a continuous water softener

Electrolux introduces innovative multi-purpose and space-saving utensil dishwashers. They are compact and ergonomic, efficient and reliable. This high-quality equipment is suitable for many items, including pizza and standard plates, kitchen utensils and containers, glasses and cutlery.

All users can be sure to get such advantages as the highest hygiene levels, improved versatility of operations, excellent washing results, low running costs, and others.

Electrolux WTU40 utensil dishwashers with a continuous water softener benefits

  • Integrated atmospheric boiler to guarantee sanitizing rinse and raising incoming water temperature;
  • Guaranteed constant rinsing temperature, no matter of water pressure;
  • No external boosters are necessary;
  • Comes with a special drain pump for a fast and simple installation without opening;
  • Double-rack support to fit different items, such as containers, plates, and others;
  • Highly efficient air gap in the water inlet circuit for sudden pressure drops;
  • Integrated continuous water softener and two resin containers that are automatically activated to ensure non-stop washing results;
  • Wash-Safe-Control lights to confirm proper rinsing;
  • Self-diagnosis system of all malfunctions;
  • Simple access to front-loading salt container;
  • Filters, rinsing and washing arms are easily removed for regular cleaning;
  • Special alarms to warn when salt containers are empty;
  • Automated self-cleaning cycle to avoid bacteria proliferation;
  • Convenient control panel with a digital display for rinsing and washing temperatures;
  • No loss of pressure during rinsing and excellent sanitation results;
  • Guaranteed low noise levels;
  • Effective energy management device;
  • Pre-arrangements for HACCP system implementation;
  • Sturdy stainless steel nozzles and rinse and washing arms;
  • Equipped with a rinse aid dispenser pump;
  • Double-skinned construction to ensure a long-term service;
  • Automated boiler emptying function;
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and high hygiene levels;
  • Durable stainless steel construction with filters, washing tanks, front and side panels;
  • Counter-balanced door for a reduced impact when closing and opening;
  • Top-quality finishes to increase reliability;
  • No pipes in a washing chamber;
  • Closed on the back by cover plates.

Electrolux Professional WTU40 utensil dishwashers with a continuous water softener price

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You can buy this highly efficient equipment for about €4,687.36. Everything depends on product specifications and extras. Every utensil dishwasher is made by Electrolux to be your sound investment because of low running costs and excellent washing results.

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