Electrolux MINSP5 MANUAL SEALER FOR HAND STRETCH FILM (Code 603352), Alias 9EXT603352

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Electrolux MINSP5 Product Features

Manual sealer ideal for shrink-wrapping any foodstuffs. Suitable to hold rolls of film up to 500 mm wide. Hot plate with adjustable temperature level. Button with option to cut the film. Noise level less than 70 dB. Stretch film (450mm) available as optional accessory. Buy Electrolux MINSP5 MANUAL SEALER FOR HAND STRETCH FILM (Code 603352) online at a favorable price (prezzo, prix, precio, preço).

Electrolux MINSP5 Specifications

  • Brand : Electrolux
  • Model : MINSP5
  • WxDxH mm : 600x540x130 mm
  • Shipping Status : C
  • Weight : 7 Kg
  • Alias : 9EXT603352
  • Status : in distribution
  • Factory Model : MINSP5
  • WEEE directive product : Y
  • Customs_Class : 8438900090
  • Country of origin : Italy
  • Net Weight : 7.00 kg
  • Net Width : 600
  • Net Depth : 540
  • Net Height : 130
  • Europe Weight : 9.00 Kg
  • Europe Width : 550 mm
  • Europe Height : 160 mm
  • Overseas Weight : 0.00 Kg
  • Overseas Depth : 0 mm
  • Overseas_Height : 0 mm
  • Voltage : 220 V
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Phases : 1N
Shipping Status

Electrolux MINSP5 Shipping Status


Electrolux MINSP5 (603352)

There is no need to count the reasons why you would want to purchase the innovative Electrolux MINSP5 (603352), but you can look at a few of them.

The manual hand sealer is developed with the latest advanced features of foodservice to boost the service quality of your business.

Main features:

  • The manual sealer is a perfect choice for shrink-wrapping any type of foods;
  • The machine is able to big hold rolls of films up 500 mm in width;
  • Adjustable temperature levels of the hot plate;
  • Cut the film by simply pressing on a button;
  • Quiet operation without going higher than 70 dB;
  • Stretch film of 450 mm is available as an optional accessory that comes with the kit.

Electrolux MINSP5 Price

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