Electrolux Gravity food slicers

Electrolux Professional Gravity Food Slicers

Professional slicers are offered by Electrolux to provide customers with the best machines in terms of service and reliability. The best-quality gravity food slicers crafted by Electrolux are famous among modern consumers for increased functionality and outstanding features:

  • Main and base elements are in high-polished satin finish for easy cleaning, long-lasting service, and improved hygiene;
  • Ventilated blade-driven motor;
  • Equipped with top mounted sharpeners, cut thickness adjusting knobs, product deflectors, and cover blades;
  • Lubricated removable carriage system with an automatic clutch;
  • Blade guard ring for extra protection;
  • IP42 water protection;
  • Special blade removal tool;
  • Ventilated blade driven motor with the poly-V belt system for economical service and quiet operation;
  • Manual gravity slicer;
  • Belt-driven transmission;
  • High degree of safety in cleaning, functioning, and maintenance;
  • Top-mounted stone blade sharpener;
  • Increased cutting capacity;
  • Durable and lasting construction;
  • Compact design;
  • Resistant to different salts, acids, and oxidation processes;
  • Plexy-glass safety hand guard;
  • Excellent performance with each use.

Electrolux Professional Gravity Food Slicers Price

Want to order the best gravity food slicers? Maran Projekt GmbH is an official Electrolux distributor that offers reasonable prices on all machines. They range from €785 to €6,249 according to such specifications as weight and electrical power. All models provide users with the best quality, high efficiency, and excellent performance. Order the chosen gravity food slicer and improve your kitchen functionality.

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