Electrolux Vegetable washers/Spin dryers

Electrolux Professional Vegetable Washers/Spin Dryers

Electrolux introduces a full range of reliable spin dryers and vegetable washers as effective solutions for modern kitchens of any size. Order the best machines from Maran Projekt GmbH for a professional kitchen environment to dry and wash different vegetables in no time. Equipment ensures the best flavor and texture. All units are made for a safe and effective treatment of all vegetable types, easy cleaning, and high hygiene levels.

  • The necessary washing effect is provided by the combined water turbulence and basket rotation generated by a special pump;
  • Durable stainless steel construction for long-term use and increased reliability;
  • Designed to treat all vegetables safely and efficiently;
  • 3 preset cycles based on the items to be washed;
  • Built-in dispenser with liquid to sanitize vegetables;
  • 2-speed rotation basket for drying and washing;
  • Avoiding damaging delicate items by regulation the washing water power;
  • Advanced programmable models with manual, automatic, and self-cleaning cycles;
  • Easy-to-clean and effective filtering system with rounded corners;
  • Immersion and spray washing;
  • Guaranteed safety, thanks to a micro-switch, which stops machines when a lid is open;
  • Low noise levels.

Electrolux Professional Vegetable Washers/Spin Dryers Price

Want to get spin dryers or vegetable washers? Order them from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official distributor of Electrolux equipment worldwide. Prices are reasonable and range from €1,638 to €19,795 based on such specifications as weight, type, and electrical power. Regardless of your budget, you’re guaranteed to get highly efficient and quality kitchen units with excellent ergonomics and performance.

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