Electrolux Professional 900XP Electric Grill Tops HP

Electrolux Professional 900XP electric grill tops HP

Electrolux designs and manufactures the easiest to use and best performing 900XP electric grill tops HP. Think about getting high-performance equipment for perfect grilling results and fast heat-up times. Its unique design decreases a distance between cooking grids and heating elements to ensure uniform heat distribution.

The unit takes advantage of fast heat technology, thanks to special heat boost deflectors that are easily removable. Electrolux guarantees excellent results and these units come in a range of sizes to let users make the most of their available kitchen space. Make your kitchen ergonomic and functional with their help, save energy, and reduce grilling times.

Electrolux 900XP electric grill tops HP

  • Every bank of elements comes with a separate power regulator through control knobs;
  • LED warning indicator to inform users when the well is empty;
  • Power indicator lights;
  • The fixed well with a special drain to collect all kinds of residual grease and cooking juices;
  • Incoloy-armored heating elements are easy to clean and placed under a cooking grid;
  • Durable steel U-shaped grids are removable and guarantee the fast heating of cooking surfaces;
  • The drain is protected by a filter and an overflow;
  • Stainless steel detectors are removable and help users reduce cooking times;
  • Water filling tap comes with a knob control;
  • Top configurations allow users to install the unit on freezer or ambient bases;
  • Durable stainless steel worktop;
  • The unit is quite deep to provide more working surface space;
  • All exterior units are made in stainless steel to increase reliability and service life;
  • It’s necessary to add water to a well before operating;
  • Right-angled side edges to eliminate all kinds of dirt traps and gaps;
  • Special splash guards on each side of a cooking surface (it’s easy to remove them for cleaning).

Electrolux Professional 900XP electric grill tops HP price

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