Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas Grills

Electrolux E9GRGDGCFU GAS GRILL 400 MM (Code 391266)



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Electrolux E9GRGHGCFU GAS GRILL 800 MM (Code 391267)



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Electrolux E9GRTHGC0P GAS GRILL TOP HP 800 MM TOWN GAS (Code 391187)

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Electrolux E9GRTLGC0P GAS GRILL TOP HP 1200 MM TOWN GAS (Code 391188)

Substituted by E9GRGLGC0P (391066)

Electrolux E9GRTDGC0P GAS GRILL TOP HP 400 MM TOWN GAS (Code 391186)

Substituted by E9GRGDGC0P (391219)

Electrolux E9GRTDGCFU GAS GRILL 400 MM TOWN GAS (Code 391268)

Substituted by E9GRGDGCFU (391266)

Electrolux E9GRTHGCFU GAS GRILL 800 MM TOWN GAS (Code 391269)

Substituted by E9GRGHGCFU (391267)

Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas Grills

Professional 900XP gas grills are designed by Electrolux to provide users with powerful and consistent cooking results. The brand is famous for exceptional quality, reliability, and durability. Electrolux gas grills are chosen by many consumers because they have the following benefits:

  • High-efficiency stainless steel burner;
  • Unique air-o-convect system;
  • Heavy-duty and removable cast iron radiants to produce distinctive char-broiled taste and markings;
  • Stainless steel deflective shields to avoid flare ups and clogging and guarantee better heating distribution;
  • Installation on a range of bases;
  • Reversible grates for different cooking styles;
  • Cast iron grates with drainage channels;
  • Pressed one-piece durable stainless steel worktop;
  • Smooth rounded corners for easy cleaning and controlling overspills from pans;
  • Ergonomic operator control knobs to minimize water infiltration and regular energy;
  • Laser-cut side edges to form a seamless joint;
  • Mono-block structure for easier installation and better stability;
  • Double-sided cooking surface (one side is for meat, and the other one is for vegetables and fish);
  • Drawer that can be filled with water to get vapor and cook softener food;
  • Low-temperature external panels for safe cooking.

Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas Grills Price

Professional 900XP gas grills are supplied by Maran Projekt GmbH, the company specializing in distributing top-quality Electrolux cooking equipment. You can order Electrolux gas grills for competitive prices that range from €1,892 to €4,141. Prices vary according to basic and extra features, including the gas power, weight, and capacity of units. Buying any of them is a sound investment in your excellent cooking experience.

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