900XP Electric Pasta Cookers

Electrolux Professional Pasta Cooker

Tired of cooking pasta’s that are sticky and pasty? Use an Electrolux pasta cooker to make delicious, tender and tasteful pasta everytime. Unlike traditional methods of cooking pasta by using boiling water in an open flame, just put the needed pasta in the pasta cooker and leave the rest to the cooker and carry on with your other work. Your pasta will be cooked perfectly and there is no need to pour the pasta into a strainer in a sink to drain it. The Electrolux automatic pasta cooker comes fitted with a strainer and takes care of the needs of cooking tasty and delicious pasta automatically. These commercial pasta cookers even comes fitted with timers to set the required time for cooking and lift baskets that automatically lift open when the pasta is cooked to an optimum level.

The Electrolux electric pasta cooker comes with an infrared heating system to provide uniform heating inside the cooker to enable even cooking of the pasta all the time. Starch is removed constantly during the cooking process. The 40 liter tanks are corrosion resistant as they are pressed in 316-L type Stainless steel. When the cooker is out of water, the electromechanical sensors and the safety thermostat alerts you of the problem immediately. The Electrolux commercial pasta cooker basket allows to get the cooked pasta collected effectively. These pasta cookers also comes with height adjustable feet made in high quality stainless steel.

A manual water tap is provided to regulate the continuous water filling into the 40 liter water tanks. When there is a need for draining the water from the well, it is carried out quickly with the help of a large drain at the bottom and a manual ball-valve. You can avail an Energy Saving Device (ESD) separately to be installed in the Electrolux pasta cooker 900xp to pre-heat the water upto 60°C to maintain constant boiling water to be present in the well with the help of the heat produced by the draining water. Most of the compartments present in the front side of the cooker can be easily removed for easier cleaning and maintenance. Comes with an IPX5 water resistance certification. The control knob that comes with a special design prevents any water infiltration in the cooker.

Electrolux Pasta Cooker Price

All the exterior panels of the Electrolux commercial pasta cooker basket are made using stainless steel with scotch-brite finishing to provide longer lifetime and durability. Also, the pasta cooker user manual ensures that every details about the functionality is provided in easy to use steps for first time users. When you compare the Electrolux pasta cooker price with other pasta cooker brands in the market, you would be largely surprised at our price as it is comparatively lesser but has a lot of amazing features that other brands do not provide.

Pasta Cooker Highlights

  • It is a multi-purpose cooker as you can also use it for cooking all kind of noodles, rice and vegetables easily
  • Infrared heating system that is placed under the base of the well ensures uniform heating throughout
  • Water tanks are pressed in 316-L stainless steel to protect against corrosion
  • The water basin is welded into the appliance
  • Water quality is always maintained at the higher level with starch being removed automatically during the cooking process
  • Shuts off automatically during low water levels
  • No chance of accidental over heating at all
  • Comes with large water tanks to hold up to 40 liters of water
  • Provided with integrated drip zone on which baskets can be placed for draining purposes.
  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • Automatic lifting system (optional accessory)

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