Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas Fryers

Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas Fryers

Electrolux is a brand famous for the cooking equipment with outstanding functionality, innovations, quality, and customer ratings. Professional 900XP gas fryers designed by Electrolux are no exception because they offer a range of excellent features:

  • Unique V-shaped well with a special cool zone to enable 30% less oil wastage;
  • Large and deep-drawn fryer tank for increased efficiency;
  • Special surge zone within the worktop to decrease possible spillage and ensure safe use;
  • Durable stainless steel construction for a high hygiene level;
  • Equipped with lids and baskets;
  • Ergonomic operator control knobs to minimize water infiltration;
  • Thermostat to control temperature up to 185C;
  • Laser-cut side edges to form a seamless joint;
  • Smooth rounded corners to control any overspill from pans and ensure easy cleaning;
  • Pressed one-piece stainless steel worktop;
  • High-efficiency stainless steel burners;
  • Suitability for LPG and natural gas;
  • Convenient electronic control panel;
  • Oil draining through a tap into the container under a well;
  • Stainless steel exterior panels;
  • Melting function to heat-up the solid shortening for fry products;
  • Right-angled side edges to avoid dirt traps and gaps;
  • Flame failure devices on all burners.

Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas Fryers Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official Electrolux supplier popular for its reasonable prices and other benefits, including exceptional customer servicing. Prices on Electrolux professional 900XP gas fryers are competitive and range from €2,541 to €5,793 based on the gas power, availability of electric power, capacity, and weight of available units. They all offer exceptional functionality and long-term service.

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