Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas PowerGrill Tops HP

Electrolux E9GRGDGC0P GAS GRILL TOP HP 400MM (Code 391219)


€3,001 / $3,324

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Electrolux E9GRGHGC0P GAS GRILL TOP HP 800 MM (Code 391065)


€3,658 / $4,051

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Electrolux E9GRGLGC0P GAS GRILL TOP HP 1200 MM (Code 391066)


€4,390 / $4,862

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Electrolux Professional 900XP gas PowerGrill tops HP

Think about purchasing and using the 900XP gas PowerGrill tops HP designed and manufactured by Electrolux because of countless benefits. For example, high-quality units provide a wide temperature range, thanks to the precise regulation of power levels.

Their innovative radiant heat system minimizes cool zones and creates an evenly heated cooking surface. Take advantage of the flexible use of cooking grids and facilitated cleaning. You’ll get perfectly grilled meals with ease if you choose this equipment for professional kitchens.

Electrolux 900XP gas PowerGrill tops HP

  • Sturdy stainless steel burners come with a self-stabilizing flame and are protected by a special deflector;
  • Side radiant plates to distribute heating power evenly and protect a deflector from ant direct contacts with fat and grease, thus eliminating flare-ups;
  • PowerControl to let control knobs fine-tune power, optimize combustion, and adapt to specific foods;
  • Cooking grids and full-depth grease collection drawers to collect cooking fat and grease;
  • All elements, such as radiant plates, deflectors, splash guards, and cooking grids, are easy to dismantle for regular cleaning and maintenance;
  • Durable splash guards on sides and the rear;
  • No gaps and dirt traps, thanks to right-angled side edges for flush fitting joints;
  • It’s easy to access all functional elements through the front of appliances;
  • Working tops, rear and side panels, and exterior panels are stainless steel to increase durability;
  • Units are deep to give more space for cooking purposes;
  • Control knobs have a unique design to guarantee no water infiltration;
  • Cooking grids are made of highly resistant cast iron to increase reliability and hygiene levels;
  • Stand-by positioning on control knobs allows users to minimize their power consumption in non-peak periods;
  • Meeting all the necessary industry requirements.

Electrolux Professional 900XP gas PowerGrill tops HP price

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It sets competitive prices to suit all customer needs. They vary in accordance with different models, functions, and specifications, but they all are great additions to your cooking space.

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