Electrolux Professional 900XP Gas Hobs

Electrolux Professional 900XP gas hobs

Electrolux is a well-known company. Many consumers recognize it for high-quality equipment for professional kitchens. Purchase 900XP gas hobs to increase your productivity, cooking results, and savings.

Think about all the benefits that you can get with these top-notch kitchen appliances. They’re designed with modern consumers and their needs in mind. This innovative equipment comes with a number of excellent features. Install it in your kitchen and ease your life considerably.

Electrolux 900XP gas hobs

  • Piezo spark ignition;
  • Rust and corrosion resistance;
  • Increased functionality and efficiency of all cooking operations;
  • Gas-heated hob is made of sturdy mild steel;
  • These appliances are smooth, reliable, and easy to clean;
  • Control knobs have a unique design to protect users from any possible liquid infiltration;
  • Right-angled side edges to provide flush fitting joints and eliminate dirt traps and gaps;
  • It’s possible to use different pan sizes at the same time because of no intermediate sectors in a large cooking area;
  • All the important compartments are placed in front of appliances to guarantee easy cleaning and regular maintenance;
  • High hygiene levels and a great performance;
  • It’s easy to move pans from one cooking area to another and you don’t have to lift them;
  • Setting different temperature zones ensures a temperature gradient over a place to suit all cooking needs;
  • The guaranteed temperature uniformity across a cooking area;
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards;
  • Units are deep enough to provide a better working surface space;
  • Every burner has special flame lines and branches;
  • Improved ergonomics and cooking results;
  • Sturdy stainless steel exterior panels;
  • Saving on time, energy, and utility bills;
  • Stainless steel construction to increase durability and service life.

Electrolux Professional 900XP gas hobs price

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It ships units to many countries at quite reasonable prices. They can fit any budget size and range based on product functions and features. All gas hobs are made to last for a long time and increase your cooking productivity.

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