Electrolux Professional 900XP Pasta Cookers - Lifting System

Electrolux Professional 900XP pasta cookers - lifting system

Electrolux introduces the equipment that enables users to easily transform standard pasta cookers into the ones with automatic lifting. This automatic and programmable system ensures the repeatability of your cooking cycle and guarantees the same top quality of foods every time, thanks to the full automation of the entire process.

This brand is famous for manufacturing highly efficient, ergonomic, and innovative solutions for professional kitchens and the lifting system is one of them. It’s a great addition to your cooking area is you like using pasta cookers. It allows you to save time and make kitchen operations easier and more functional due to its excellent features.

Electrolux 900XP pasta cookers - lifting system

  • Easy and fast operations because automated basket lifting is activated through a special push button function;
  • Appliances can be placed on the side of pasta cookers or be combined with other units;
  • It’s possible to use them in a manual mode simply by pushing a button to raise and lower baskets;
  • Durable stainless steel basket supports to guarantee fast and efficient lifting;
  • A range of optional accessories to choose from;
  • Compliance with international regulations and industry standards;
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction for a long-term service and increased reliability;
  • The automated lifting and electronic programmability of baskets make these units a must for any professional kitchen that needs to standardize all cooking processes;
  • Time and energy savings in the long run;
  • The ability to memorize nine cooking times through the digital controls that can be assigned to basket supports independently;
  • Increased efficiency of kitchen operations;
  • Automatic lifting functioning and programmability ensure the repeatability of cooking cycles and the same food quality each time;
  • The complete automation of the cooking process.

Electrolux Professional 900XP pasta cookers - lifting system price

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