Electrolux Professional 900XP Rectangular Boiling Pans

Electrolux Professional 900XP rectangular boiling pans

Electrolux is a manufacturer famous for its innovative technology and advanced solutions. It designs and produces 900XP rectangular boiling pans to fulfill the needs of all consumers.

This highly efficient and top-quality equipment can increase the productivity of any professional kitchen fast. Think about a range of unique features and improved functions to get the most out of its use. Enjoy better cooking results with these pans.

Electrolux 900XP rectangular boiling pans

  • Suitable for poaching, cooking, and sautéing different meals;
  • A food tap with a large capacity ensures the effortless and safe discharge of the content;
  • A special safety thermostat protects users from low water levels;
  • External valves allow users to evacuate the excess air accumulated in the jacket manually;
  • Uniform heat in side walls and the base, thanks to an efficient indirect heating system with integrally generated and saturated steam;
  • Units are water resistance certified;
  • Fast reactions and no overshooting of cooking temperature levels;
  • Right-angled side edges to eliminate dirt traps and gaps;
  • Sturdy stainless steel pressed cooking vessels and lid;
  • Control knobs have a special design to protect users from water infiltration;
  • The closed heating system to avoid energy wastage and save money on regular utility bills;
  • Discharge taps and tubes are easy to clean;
  • Improved ergonomics: the depth of appliances facilitates stirring foods;
  • A cover is firmly fitting to save energy and reduce cooking times;
  • Smooth and large surfaces for easy access and regular maintenance;
  • Solenoid valves to refill with cold and hot water;
  • Stainless steel exterior panels and construction to increase durability;
  • A special pressure switch control monitors water and energy consumption;
  • Incoloy armored elements with a safety thermostat.

Electrolux Professional 900XP rectangular boiling pans price

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