Electrolux Professional thermaline Modular 90 Electric Solid Tops

Electrolux Professional Thermaline Modular 90 electric solid tops

Electrolux manufactures electric solid tops with customer needs in mind. They all are highly efficient to provide users with great energy savings and become a worthy investment. Get them for your professional kitchen and make it a success.

Electrolux Thermaline Modular 90 electric solid tops advantages:

  • Fast heating times and continuous readiness for use;
  • Pans are easy to move to different areas;
  • Water resistance and ergonomics;
  • Overheat protection because temperature sensors switch off units;
  • Wide and round cleaning zone for easy handling and maintenance;
  • No soil infiltration and different power levels;
  • Thermodul connection system and easy access to all major parts;
  • Metal knobs with silicon grips for high hygiene levels;
  • Standby function for ultimate power control and energy savings;
  • Different heating zones are controlled separately;
  • Solid cooking surfaces for extra durability;
  • Digital display in resistant glass with temperature and power settings;
  • Smooth and flat surfaces for fast cleaning;
  • High efficiency and productivity;
  • Improved user safety and reliability;
  • Easy installation and use in any settings.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline Modular 90 electric solid tops price

Consider the offers of Maran Projekt GmbH because it’s an authorized distributor of Electrolux kitchen equipment internationally. Prices on electric solid tops are very attractive and they can fit any financial situation. Prices vary from €6,474.70 to €13,801.36 based on such product features as sizes, number of zones, and your chosen type. However, all units manufactured by Electrolux will serve you for a long time and allow you to increase the productivity of your kitchen operations.

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