Electrolux Export - E

Electrolux Professional Export – E hoods

This equipment is made to match any customer needs and guarantee excellent ventilation results. Choose Electrolux Professional Export – E hoods to create a comfortable environment in your commercial kitchen and eliminate all kinds of unpleasant odors and unwanted fumes effectively.

Electrolux Export – E hoods features

  • Reduced noise levels and quiet operations;
  • Screw anchors and eyebolts for easy and fast installations;
  • Prearranged for installing lighting;
  • Upturned edges on each external panel to improve user safety and avoid accidental injuries;
  • Constructed in durable stainless steel;
  • Outlet holes are sized to reduce possible pressure drops;
  • Stainless steel condensation collection trays;
  • Stainless steel blind panels for the best exhaustion results;
  • Gutters with drain holes to transfer all grease particles into special sturdy containers;
  • Labyrinth filters to ensure constant filtration results, protect against fire hazards, and avoid clogging;
  • Filters are easy to remove for regular cleaning;
  • Easy controls and improved ergonomics;
  • High power and long-term service life;
  • Guaranteed optimal performance and energy savings.

Electrolux Professional Export – E hoods price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable company that distributes Electrolux equipment to any part of the world. It sets reasonable prices on highly efficient hoods to suit customers with any budget limits. Prices on this product line range from €1,148.10 to €3,541.40 according to the chosen hood type and its specifications, such as dimensions, power, filters, and others. Whatever hood you choose, you’re guaranteed to make a sound investment because this ergonomic and economic Electrolux equipment will pay for itself over time.

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