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Commercial High Speed Oven vs Microwave

Commercial High Speed Oven vs Microwave

In our modern, fast-paced world, customers expect swift service without compromising on excellence. The food service industry has risen to the occasion by embracing high speed cooking solutions that outpace conventional ovens and microwaves, all the while maintaining top-notch cooking quality. Taking innovation a step further, Electrolux Professional has unveiled its high speed solutions, merging the advantages of both microwaves and traditional ovens into one versatile cooking appliance.

Is a speed oven the same as a microwave?

Although both the High Speed Oven and the microwave share the goal of speedy cooking, they operate on distinct principles, driven by diverse technologies. Microwaves harness electromagnetic radiation to warm up food, setting water molecules within the food into motion and generating heat. On the other hand, High Speed Ovens take a multifaceted approach, uniting microwave, convection, and hot air impingement technologies to ensure swift and uniform food preparation.

How does a commercial microwave oven work?

A commercial microwave oven harness electromagnetic radiation, which prompts water molecules within the food to vibrate, generating heat. This heat swiftly spreads throughout the dish, ensuring rapid and effective cooking. While microwaves offer quick and hassle-free cooking, they do come with certain constraints. For instance, they can lead to food becoming dry or lacking its desired texture, and they lack the ability to achieve the browning or crispiness achievable with a traditional oven.

Opting for microwave cooking presents a more energy-efficient alternative to conventional methods. Foods are cooked faster, and the energy is directed solely toward heating the food, avoiding unnecessary energy expenditure on the entire oven compartment.

What is the difference between a commercial High Speed Oven (or rapid-cook oven) and a microwave?

The primary distinction between a commercial High Speed Oven and a microwave lies in their heating techniques. High Speed Ovens employ a blend of microwave, convection, and hot air impingement to achieve swift and uniform cooking, whereas microwaves solely rely on electromagnetic radiation. Consequently, High Speed ovens exhibit a broader culinary versatility compared to microwaves. They can tackle a wider array of dishes, ranging from baked goods and meats to vegetables. Furthermore, High Speed Ovens possess the ability to brown and crisp food, similarly to a conventional oven, expanding your creative scope for crafting delectable delicacies.

Another perk of High Speed Ovens lies in their speed. Even though microwaves are known for their swiftness, High Speed Ovens can be even faster, making them a very sought-after item to have in a fast-paced commercial kitchen, where the demands of productivity and efficiency are paramount.

And lastly, its most astonishing feature is its remarkable versatility – a trait that sets it apart from microwaves. High Speed Ovens don’t just specialize in one area; they excel at a multitude of cooking tasks, spanning baking, roasting, toasting, and grilling. In essence, High Speed Ovens transcend the role of mere reheating leftovers or thawing frozen dinners, expanding their culinary potential across a spectrum of gastronomic tasks.

Why choose Electrolux Professional’s High Speed Oven?

When it comes to supplying your commercial kitchen, Electrolux Professional’s High Speed Oven is the ultimate champion. It seamlessly blends the rapidity and convenience of a microwave with the adaptability and excellence inherent to a traditional oven. By marrying the forces of microwave, convection, and hot air impingement, this oven takes the spotlight in preparing an extensive range of foods promptly and uniformly.

What’s more, it doesn’t compromise on user-friendliness. Sporting a well-designed interface complete with programmable settings, this oven caters to operators of all experience levels, ensuring ease of use at every turn.

But that’s not all; Electrolux Professional’s High Speed Oven is crafted from premium materials and engineered to brave the demands of a commercial kitchen, this oven stands as a beacon of reliability and durability – a steadfast choice primed to elevate any catering business.

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