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A lecture with Massimo Bottura

A lecture with Massimo Bottura

The protagonist of an exclusive lecture for In Cibum and the well-known chef and 3 Michelin star, Massimo Botturawas is scheduled to deliver a speech in Carpaccio di Paestum, Italy at the Ariston Hotel in Carpaccio di Paestum on the 13th of December.

In Cibum happens to be the Haute Ecole for culinary art for southern Italy. It’s expected to be held Pontecagnano Faiano this spring. 

Aside from Massimo Bottura, the event will also host a well-known director of “Le Guide de L’Espresso” and reviewer, Enzo Vizzari. 

The chef held a cooking show and a lecture devoted to Molteni from Electrolux Professional, the leader of the cooking world, best-known as the Rolls-Royce of the culinary world.

As for other well-known chefs that participated in the event, one should mention Giuseppe Lannotti and Cristian Torsiello – young but very promising Italian chefs who represent the next generation of the Italian cuisine. 

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