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KFC Japan starts thawing cabinet revolution

KFC Japan has picked up Electrolux Professional as a supplier of the thawing cabinets for its restaurants.

In 2014, KFC Japan told the Japan Foodservice team and BU Chains APACthat they didn’t require a thawing solution in their Japanese restaurants because just 20% of their chicken products were actually frozen. The given news meant those companies failed to get thawing cabinets from KFC Japan.

However, the companies didn’t give up. They made a huge effort to change their tactic. One should deeper understand the areas of food safety and how the quality of frozen products from Japan KFC would have changed after the cooking process. 

A long-lasting journey

Following numerous discussions with senior officials of KFC Japan, in particular, representatives of Supply Chain, R&D, and QA, Electrolux Professional was picked up as a supplier of professional thawing cabinets in 2014. KFC Japan decided to provide up to 1,200 brand stores with modern thawing solutions from the chosen supplier.

Upbeat outcomes from the lab indicated a definite progression. So, the positive experience from one store could be successfully extended to multiple ones.

It’s clear that because of such a crucial nuance of the product quality, the thawing process has been quite. The tempo of test expansion has been much dependent on the customer.

During the whole testing process, the commercial team in Japan was in touch with the APAC BU Chains and each stage of the testing process brought upbeat results and satisfied the KFC team.

A long-awaited thawing solution

In 2016, KFC Japan became the official endorser of the thawing solution from Electrolux and the corresponding agreement was signed in the Japanese office of the high-tech giant. It gave a green light to the implementation of revolutionary thawing technology in Japan.

The Director BU Chains APAC, Gregg Yanagihara told that making use of the experience acquired in other territories and concentrating on the benefits of the consumer, they tried to benefit from this option. The up-to-date thawing solution came to KFC Japan due to fruitful cooperation between the Electrolux Japan team, R&D, the BU Chains program management, not to mention Southeast Asia’s technical management.   

Furthermore, Doug Walker from SVP Commercial APAC/MEA stressed that it’s a great victory of successful teamwork. They managed to overcome the firm resistance of the customer. As a result, one of the most reputable global food chains was seriously upgraded.   

The director of Supply Chain KFC Japan, Akira Sakabe told that they highly praise the strong passion for cutting-edge technology demonstrated by Electrolux Professional because high-tech improvements result in great cost savings for KFC Japan. This thawing solution from the reputable supplier is a crucial step in this cooking revolution. None of other Japanese or international producers can offer such a unique product for the industry. He added that one shouldn’t forget that any business is impossible without active human participation and it’s a good thing they have an opportunity to cooperate with true enthusiasts from Electrolux Professional.

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