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Professional drying and washing can help firefighters

Professional drying and washing can help firefighters

In Sweden, a study has been recently conducted, according to which, firefighters are exposed to high risks not only as a result of flooding or fire. Polluted helmets, gloves as well as suits can also do harm to the wearer’s health. To address this professional issue, Electrolux Professional is going to showcase its drying and washing innovation in Dresden, at the “Florian” trade fair. The given advanced product is utilized for the decontamination of the equipment of various emergency services.   

In Dresden, the managing director and owner of laundry technology Engelmann told that anybody who has ever tried to put his fire-fighting gear into a conventional washing machine realizes that dirt and soot need to be removed from it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, conventional washing processes aren’t effective enough to handle heavily contaminated professional gear after a fire.

The matter is that firefighters suits, as well as other pieces of their professional equipment including respirators, helmets, boots, and gloves, turn out to be a material, which needs careful treatment when washing it. For instance, membranes in the protective suits ideally shouldn’t let toxic substances and water in. Additionally, reflection strips shouldn’t undergo friction because they can become worthless. As for numerous buckles and carabiners, they shouldn’t get caught during the washing process. Leather gloves require a gentle drying or washing cycle.


Sven Engelmann stressed that disinfection and thorough cleaning are more crucial than the careful handling of the costly fire-fighting gear. According to the recent study conducted by the Reichsverband der Feuerwehren as well as the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions and up-to-date building materials also generate extra health hazards for professional firefighters.  

Firefighters’ skin and breath can be vulnerable to carcinogenic substances used in modern building materials. As follows from this, gloves and respiratory masks as a rule heavily contaminated need to be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis. Only on this condition, this gear can maintain its high functionality. Engelmann stressed that it’s crucial for the membranes absorbing and storing toxic substances to be regularly cleaned to enhance the survival potential of firefighters. 

That’s why Electrolux Professional has created a special drying and washing process enabling firefighters as well as civil protection organizations to effectively dry, wash, and even impregnate their professional gear.  

Electrolux Professional is planning to exhibit devices suited to the special needs of firefighters in Dresden, at the "Florian" trade fair. The devices share the freely programmable control with washing machines from this producer.

Besides this, the new washing machines from Electrolux Professional come with an increased water level. What’s more, the developer has reduced the mechanical movements just to avoid damage to the sophisticated accessories and fibers. 

Besides this, the Electrolux Professional booth offers a lockable chemical cabinet to ensure safe storage of laundry detergent following BG requirements, a dosing unit for liquid detergents, not to mention a vacancy control for process safety.

Firefighters can make use of the W5130 H/S when it comes to washing jackets, chemical protective suits, dungarees. The W555H, a compact washing machine is ideally suited for cleaning respirators.  

Drying Unit for Firefighter Uniforms 

Firefighters also need to dry their accessories and textiles and special drying ovens can be successfully utilized for this purpose. The company is expected to showcase such a device at the upcoming event. The new drying cabinet is reportedly capable of holding up to four firefighter suits. Special hangars employed in the two-door version of the TS4175WW first blow warm air inside the gear. After this, the warm air is directed into the closet and the surface of the firefighter gear is dried.

Engelmann noted that what’s really good in the new drying cabinet is that one doesn’t need to turn the suits to the right when the drying process is on. Additionally, the vacuum principle and special filters prevent air or lint from getting to the equipment compartment. In addition to this, the drying cabinet comes with automatic drying programs. These are 60 degrees for quilted suits and 75 degrees Celsius for impregnating Gore-Tex suits. One can also take advantage of drum dryers if less washing is required. Special drum inserts are used for masks.

There’s no doubt this cutting-edge drying and washing solution from one of the most reputable manufacturers will appeal to anybody who wears protective clothing, including public and disposal services, municipal construction workers as well as emergency services. 

As Sven Engelmann noted, the company hopes that communities along with cities running professional fire brigades or volunteer fire departments and putting much value on the protection of their staff will be interested in their new offers.

The company will be showcasing its professional washing and drying products at the Florian, Trade Fair for Fire, Civil and Civil Defense, Dresden. The event will be held on October 11-13 2018. The exact location is the Dresdner Messe Halle 2, Stand A5 off.

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