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Shop in Shop grabs SMART Label innovation reward

An advanced catering innovation Shop in Shop developed by Electrolux Professional in tandem with Epta Refrigeration has been granted a SMART Label innovation reward.  

The mutual creation of Epta Refrigeration and Electrolux Professional is presented by the companies-creators in Dusseldorf, at 2017 Euroshop. 

One can define Shop in Shop as a pop-up foldable restaurant system ideal for retail outlets.

Electrolux alongside Epta disclosed their mutually developed product in a separate ‘Restaur-action area. As a matter of fact, the innovation is expected to serve a lot of people on a daily basis. They can have an excellent opportunity to enjoy snacks cooked by chefs from the Electrolux Chef Academy. Furthermore, all dishes cooked at these shows were based on one ingredient. So, the idea was to show that just one product can be successfully utilized in many ways to cook great meals.

The All Taste and Zero Waste concept built around the One-Ingredient Menu shows how a delicious snack can be cooked from a healthy, basic, cheap product always available in stores.

Electrolux keeps working on how to make our everyday cooking easier.

Other News

Electrolux Professional meets the new generation of professionals at ALIg Job Fair

On Saturday, November 16th, Electrolux Professional participated at ALIg Job Fair in Udine, looking for new, enthusiastic professionals. Electrolux Professional has a long history in participating at ALIg Job Fair and attends the event every year.

SkyLine gained the SMART Label award 2019

The SkyLine Cook and Chill solution by Electrolux Professional gained the Smart Label award 2019 for “Functional efficiency” thanks to SkyDuo, the self-intuitive connection between SkyLine appliances. Electrolux Professional enables customers to manage all their operations via OnE unique interface, by using connected and synchronized products and services.

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