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Getting familiar with Electrolux SpeeDelight snack grill

Getting familiar with Electrolux SpeeDelight snack grill

Hurry up to enjoy fast cooking with the latest innovation from Electrolux Professional.

January 2017

Electrolux Professional has done a big job to please customers with its revolutionary new product SpeeDelight. It will suit a great number of caterings, including coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and bars.

Created by the manufacturer’s global R&D team with extensive customer insight, the next-gen High Speed Grill actually combines cutting-edge cooking technology with handy features tailored to cook a range of tasty grab-and-go meals three times faster than conventional sandwich presses.

The unit’s contact plates incorporate microwave and infrared technology. As a result, dishes are perfectly cooked in a minute. The upper plate applies the optimal amount of pressure on food. It automatically opens when the dish is ready.

For those concerned with energy consumption, SpeeDelight won’t disappoint because the Energy Saving Mode is capable of reducing energy consumption by approximately 60%. As a result, the user can save about 500€ annually. It’s a perfect standalone solution. Due to its Wi-Fi capability and the availability of a USB port, users can easily store, upgrade, track, and share cooking menus, closely watch malfunctions and warnings, enjoy consistency, and drastically improve workflows.      

Furthermore, the company’s extensive Customer Care network enables chefs to stay in touch with more than 2,000 service partners in over 149 countries for maintenance and expert servicing. Meanwhile, an Accessory & Consumables kit that includes everything from cleaning products to utensils grants operators the required tools to ensure the solution delivers optimum speed as well as maximum taste.

The Head of High Speed Cooking Category at Electrolux Professional, Alberto Pezzutto told that their first-generation HSG Panini assisted many chefs in transforming numerous caterings. The solution also opened up fresh profit streams for those previously unable to cook hot dishes. Now they are empowering everyone including cafes, bars, supermarkets to cater to soaring food awareness and busy lifestyles by simply enabling all of them to cook attractive and tasty dishes. Whether you are cooking pizzas, sandwiches, panini or burritos, SpeeDelight will cope with it for an extremely short period of time, thus making operators more competitive. 

Electrolux SpeeDelight models and prices

Go here to view Electrolux SpeeDelight models and prices in our catalog.

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