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Systems, software and payment processes: How to set up your self-service laundry

Systems, software and payment processes: How to set up your self-service laundry

Looking to join the thriving self-service laundry industry? Here are the steps you need to consider

The self-service laundry industry shows no signs of slowing down. As the market grows, maybe you’re considering becoming part of this thriving industry. Here are some of the steps you should consider as you embark on setting up your own operations.

The advantages of a self-service laundry business

There are plenty of persuasive reasons for starting a laundry business. In addition to being part of a growing industry set to peak in the next decade, self-service laundry services provide a steady, reliable income even during tough economic times. There is always a demand for clean clothes, and many residential spaces aren’t equipped with a washer and dryer.

Operations are kept streamlined and simple, and with customers providing much of the labor themselves, it’s unlikely that labor costs will spiral. Many self-service laundries even opt for fully remote operations, leaving the store unstaffed and management tools in place. By selling a service rather than a product, you won’t need to sink capital into inventory.

Overall, it’s rare to find an opportunity to start a business with relatively low overhead and maintenance efforts as self-service laundry services.

Types of self-service laundry

The most popular type of self-service laundry businesses are laundromats, which fall into two categories. Full service includes a team of trained staff, and unattended self-service offers customers the chance to use washing machines and dryers autonomously and pay via a range of methods, including cash, debit card or mobile payments. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of laundromats, let’s take a closer look.

The importance of location

The right location will reflect the potential success of your laundry business. When it comes to attracting customers, footfall is key. Every person walking by is a possible customer, and positioning your business near parking spots can help maximize your growth. That’s why a central location, near areas with high foot traffic and parking, will provide a real boost to your business. It’s also worth considering locations near apartment buildings since many complexes lack in-unit washing and drying facilities.

It’s generally accepted that laundromats perform best when they’re part of a community near other local businesses. Position yourself alongside gas stations, general stores, cafes, and restaurants, and get to know your fellow business owners to encourage collaborative opportunities. No one knows the community better than local business owners so take advantage of that fountain of knowledge.

Strategically selecting your location can mean the difference between a business that achieves success and one that doesn’t.

Invest in your equipment

Investing in high-performance commercial laundry equipment is key since these purpose-built units are equipped for more rigorous use and larger loads compared to domestic appliances. The drums of commercial washers can range from 6 kg to 40 kg, far beyond the average 8 kg of a domestic washer. It’s important to consider sustainability and eco-friendly efficiency too, which isn’t just good for the planet but can help your bottom line.
Electrolux Professional equipment offers great options for your commercial washer and dryer needs. With the right sustainable laundry solutions, your company can save up to 40% on running costs, and the new, state-of-the-art Line 6000 commercial washers are designed to use the lowest amount of water, as well as low energy and detergent consumption which can provide significant long-term savings. The Line 6000 tumble dryers, featuring the shortest drying time on the market, can offer more than 60% energy savings. With easy-close magnetic doors and a filter drawer positioned for easy access, this dryer has an ergonomic design that prioritizes comfort. Furthermore, if you couple one of our high-spin washers with a heat pump dryer, running costs can be reduced by a tremendous 70%.

Invest in software solutions

With high-tech software solutions, it’s now easier than ever to efficiently manage your self-service laundry service from anywhere. Electrolux Professional offers a wide range of management systems and software to meet the highest quality standards and create value for your business.

Electrolux Professional offers software tools like the Laundry Program Manager (LPM) for customizing washer and dryer programs and Certus Management Information System (CMIS) for machine insights, helping users optimize machine performance and maintenance. With these features, you can gain increased control over your machines and stay ahead of maintenance requirements.

How will you take payment?

When you diversify the ways in which your business can accept payments, you become more flexible and user-friendly. Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment accepts a variety of payment options, including mechanical tokens, coin-operated methods, and payment apps, which can be standalone or connected to an existing payment system.


Working strategically, self-service laundries can provide a great return on investment.

When establishing your commercial laundry, Electrolux Professional Group works as your partner. We provide a range of sophisticated equipment and state-of-the-art commercial laundry management software tools so you can ensure that your business offers a variety of optimized services to its customers. By ensuring water and energy efficiency, user-friendly, ergonomic designs and flexible payment systems, you will build a loyal customer base for your streamlined laundry operation.

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