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White Guide comes up with the Global Gastronomy Award

White Guide comes up with the Global Gastronomy Award

Enrique Olvera is granted the 2017 Global Gastronomy Award for making an impressive contribution to Mexican cuisine.

The Global Gastronomy Award is presented by White Guide. The reward is granted for a great contribution to gastronomy as a result of the latter significantly goes ahead. A special event will be held this autumn in New York to grant the award to the winner.   

In cooperation with Electrolux Professional, the 2017 Global Gastronomy Award is granted to Enrique Olvera for the popularization of Mexican classical street food.  

Mexican food is a separate world, surprising us with a rich diversity, exotic ingredients of the pre-Columbian epoch. Perhaps, when imaging Mexican dishes, you don’t think about sophistication. Instead, you think about guacamole, nachos, and frozen Margaritas, which can hardly be associated with authentic dishes of this nation. These are rather Tex-Mex stuff.  

Fortunately, a bright guy has shown up to change all of this for the better. That’s Enrique Olvera, of course. He has managed to combine ancient cooking traditions with modern solutions while preserving complete respect for Mexican roots.  

A couple of tweaks of Chef Olvera made us look at Mexican cuisine at a different angle and popularize food of this nation in restaurants. For instance, he has done it in Mexico City at the restaurant Pujol.  

His active use of native ingredients such as wild greens and herbs, heirloom corn, insects, seeds, chillies, nuts doesn’t only present Mexican cuisine as it has always been but also extends our perception of food in general.    

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