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Cook&Chill seminar in Dubai: dealing with food cost

“Art & Science Come Together”
workshop in Dubai

A Cook & Chill workshop will take place on January 28, 2017, from 9 am till 4 pm. The event will be hosted by Chef Xavier Gomes from Electrolux Chef Academy, ICCA School for Culinary Arts and also Chef Andy Cuthbert. The dress code for the event is Chef White.

WORLDCHEFS along with Electrolux Professional are hosting a Chef2Chef seminar within their “Art & Science Come Together” initiative. The major purpose of the event is to teach cookers how to implement sustainable practices simultaneously meeting strict requirements. With advanced solutions from Electrolux, the chefs will come up with delicious dishes. The young chef learners will be serving lunch at school. You are expected to attend the event with your own knife. 

The purpose of the cooking event  

The Cook & Chill solution is going to be the central theme of the seminar. This revolutionary new solution provides a blast chiller and oven in one solid entity. The given innovative approach to sustainable cooking optimizes cookers’ daily activities. Those who attend the event will have an excellent opportunity to enrich their cooking knowledge, acquire new skills and methods. What’s more, the seminar will explain how to properly approach the food cost. You will learn how to manage profitability regardless of the kitchen type.

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