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World Cuisine Buffet for inbound Tourists

World Cuisine Buffet for inbound Tourists

31st July 2017

“Art & Science Come Together” workshop in Tokyo

Learn cooking method with European emerging technology whilst improving operational efficiency by Electrolux.

Time: 11:00 am – 17:00 pm
Hosted by: Daniel Schneider Application Chef, Southeast Asia Electrolux Professional SEA & India, Electrolux Professional and All Japan Chefs Association
Dress code: Chefs White
NB: Limited number of participants

Electrolux Professional and WORLDCHEFS are pleased to invite you to the Chef2Chef training seminar in 2017, the first time in Tokyo, as a part of their “Art & Science Come Together” alliance. This workshop will educate chefs on implementing sustainable practices in the kitchen while maintaining high standards. The chefs will serve quality food, balancing a mix of Electrolux innovative solutions and the chefs’ creativity.

The Aim of the Workshop

The workshop will focus on the preparation of different types of buffet menus of Japanese/Asian/Western cuisine. We will showcase different ways of using new technology such as vacuum cooking, cook chill system and pressing cooking to give a perfect result in cooking 19 dishes. This innovative approach also improves chefs’ daily activities, food cost and food waste.

The aim of the workshop is to build on, and extend the range of skills, techniques and knowledge of hotel and restaurant operations previously acquired. This session aims to build on current technical practices and create new culinary knowledge, skills, and techniques such as vacuum cooking, cook chill system, and pressing cooking in different ways to enhance the productivity and consistency.

Other News

The Global Gastronomy Awards 2017, highlighting “sustainability-forward”

With Dan Barber as its 2016 laureate, the Global Gastronomy Awards took place in New York City on September 25th. After ten years in Stockholm, the ceremony moves to the home turf of the previous year’s winner, which makes Mexico City, home to 2017 awardee Enrique Olvera and his restaurant Pujol, our next location.

SMART Label innovation award

SMART Label innovation award for the revolutionary Shop in Shop restaurant design

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