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Worldchefs Without Borders

Worldchefs Without Borders

Extending a generous helping hand with Worldchefs Without Borders

A decade after a terrible natural disaster in Myanmar, a partner of Electrolux Professional, Worldchefs Without Borders decided to get back to this country with its   humanitarian tour. The Electrolux Professional Chef working in Singapore, Chef Schneider donated up to 1,000 Euro and came to the country at his own expense to participate in a generous initiative: cooking up to 9000 portions on a shaky boat using nine gas burners. He’ll be doing this as part of that humanitarian mission.

He told that the given tour demonstrated attracted attention to the cause and demonstrated how Worldchefs Without Borders can respond to this. He added that it’s a great honor for him to take part in the tour and he’d do it again if required.

It was a three-day diary offered by him.

DAY ONE: They came up with a charity dinner for up to 180 folks in Yangon and managed to raise $18,000 for the cause.

DAY TWO: Up to 4,500 meals were cooked for those who attended the Shwedagon Pagoda. Eventually, a tent was set up in front of the pagoda. At 6 AM, they got down to cooking and completed at 6 PM.

DAY THREE: At 4 AM, they boarded a boat and left the harbor in Yangon. They had all the necessary products as well as cooking materials at their exotic floating kitchen. Every team had to cook meals for up to 3,000 folks. The overall number of portions amounted to 9,000. They did it on a shaky boat using just 9 medium-sized gas burners. As for Chef Schneider, he cut vegetables manually. The windy and raining weather accompanied the travelers all the time. They didn’t have a possibility to dock their boat on the route. Instead, they used small boats to transport the required stuff to and from the surrounding villages. They accomplished the mission in 20 hours.

The Electrolux Professional Chef, Daniel Schneider told they enjoyed the enormous gratitude and hospitality at the humanitarian event. It shows that Worldchefs Without Borders is crucial for those in need.

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