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Young Chef Hotel Challenge

Young Chef Hotel Challenge

The next generation of young chefs is backed by Electrolux Professional in the international chefs contest. 

In Italy, the first Young Chefs Hotel Challenge took place. It was a contest for two squads consisting of chefs from 6 countries. The Electrolux Professional headquarters hosted the event.

A challenge faced by the chefs under 30 who work in the same hotel fine dining industry in Dubai had much in common with a MasterChef contest. So, the participants were expected to cook a three-course for an hour in front of 5 well-known judges and the audience.

Aira Piva, the organizer of the cooking event and the member of IRC consulting told that the very idea was to emulate their typical working environment and complicate it a bit and introduce a jury supervising each move of the participants. The organizers were eager to test the organizational capabilities of the participants and also assess their ability to concentrate when working under stress and how they treat equipment, ingredients and use time.   

The challenge has to do with the use of food of Italian origin. What’s more, the two squads were informed of the entire list of ingredients right before the contest burst out and they had just three minutes to get all the necessary ingredients and get down to cooking.    

The participants were expected to be extremely accurate when it comes to picking up ingredients. Those generating less waste gained extra points that certainly influenced the final score.

As for Electrolux Professional, as a partner of that cooking event, the company backed the Young chef contest by simply providing the equipment and the location for the contest. The proper use of Cook&Chill system was estimated too and it also played a crucial role for the final score.

The VP of Sales for Africa and Middle East for Electrolux Professional, Marco Guerretti told that they realize the whole significance of the fact that the next generation of cookers shape the kitchens of the future and they are ready to back the young cookers’ ambition and dedication with the latest advanced solutions, so they could make the most of their creativity. It shows that the high-tech company is ready to invest in innovative kitchens.

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