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You chose the right place if you want to learn more about the benefits offered by any Electrolux commercial induction cooktop. The greatest one is that it helps users save a lot of energy because only its part in contact with their cookware placed on it is heated.

What else can it offer? Another benefit is that Electrolux induction cooktop is that it won’t heat the kitchen to a great extent, unlike traditional gas stoves. You can buy this excellent and efficient cooking equipment from Maran Projekt GmbH conveniently and affordably.

Electrolux commercial induction cooktops:

Why Electrolux cooktops are super-fast

A risk of fire accidents is absent when you use this high-quality kitchen equipment, and the main reason is that there are no open flames. Consider its built-in timer because it allows you to time your cooking. It will shut down your commercial induction cooktop 1800 watt when your cooking process is finished.

It’s a super-fast cooktop because it can boil water in about 90 seconds or even less. Unlike traditional electric and gas stoves, it’s more responsive because users can adjust the heat instantly to bring it to a fast boil or come down to a simmer. The heat is generated on these units directly on their top, so they always stay cold. Besides, it’s possible to clean them right after cooking. They are quality and smart kitchen appliances that can automatically adjust to a range of pan sizes to provide the necessary heat according to pot sizes and let users achieve the best cooking results.

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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

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A list of the pros that you will get

When shopping for a high-quality Electrolux commercial induction cooktop Australia, you should understand that it will not only help you improve your cooking, but also to maintain different meals at their serving temperature for quite a long time. However, you need to choose specific setting to take advantage of this excellent feature. With this branded kitchen equipment, it’s even possible to melt chocolate, cook delicate food, and sauces because you can easily adjust the heat with a high level of accuracy compare to traditional gas and electric cooktops.

Electrolux cooktops distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH come with 25 different pre-sets that enable users to set their necessary temperature with a variety of settings. Forget about the need for pre-heating your cooktop because you can start cooking at any time if you order this appliance. It’s also equipped with powerful elements. The best thing is that it can accommodate small-sized cookware while guaranteeing the same level of energy efficient cooking and high performance ratings.

What each package includes

Once you decide to order a commercial induction cooktop for sale, turn to Maran Projekt GmbH. Each package comes with a special burner that provides up to 4800 watts of energy if you need to use big-sized pans and pots. After comparing these Electrolux appliances with standard electric cooktops, you’ll understand that they can help you save up to 20% energy. Compared to standard gas cooktops, they can help users save up to 70% of energy.

What about warranties? Electrolux provides a limited 3-year warranty on all of its cooktop parts in addition to a 1-year warranty on labor. An efficient kitchen timer has a convenient and clear display to let users read the time at their single glance. It’s placed near essential cooktop controls conveniently. Electrolux induction cooktops also meet all the necessary ADA requirements in addition to important specified guidelines. They feature a special control lockout to prevent any accidental or unwanted tampering or children’s use. These appliances include the elements compatible with any cookware. Check if magnets stick to the bottom of your pan.

A checklist of basic highlights

What can the induction cooktops produced by Electrolux do?

  • Allowing users to boil water in about 90 seconds or even less;
  • Being equipped with a professional temperature control to adjust its level based on specific needs;
  • Adapting to a range of pot and pan sizes intelligently;
  • Heating your cookware directly, thus always staying cool;
  • Coming with 25 pre-set controls;
  • Maintaining meals at their serving temperature for quite a long time;
  • Offering a manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Being highly energy efficient compared to standard electric and gas cooktops;
  • Meeting the necessary ADA requirements;
  • Having a special power assist function;
  • Being equipped with a special control lockout feature to prevent children from using them accidentally;
  • Generating the rapid heat for a fast boil;
  • Being compatible with almost any type of cookware.

Important features

When ordering your commercial induction cooktop portable or any other type from Maran Projekt GmbH, you should have a clear understanding of Electrolux technology. Basically, induction cooktop heating means no wasted energy for users in addition to such benefits as no burning hands and more responsible heat appliances. There are special sensors to detect induction safe cookware to heat only the necessary area.

Patented wave-touch controls are very user-friendly, and you shouldn’t be tech-savvy to use them. When switching the range on, you are offered with an unlimited list of options. Once you make the right choice for your needs, everything is done smoothly and with no confusion. The exceptional temperature control of this Elextroluc cooktop range makes it possible to cook anything you want.

Electrolux commercial induction cooktop price

When it comes to the price of these highly efficient cooktops, all consumers are guaranteed of reasonable rates in comparison with other branded kitchen equipment of this kind.

Maran Projekt GmbH sets the prices that can fit any consumer budget, thus providing its customers with excellent savings and efficient services. The final price that you will pay depends on different characteristics, such as a particular cooktop type, size, weight, etc.

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