Electrolux Professional thermaline Modular 80 Induction Tops

Electrolux Professional Thermaline Modular 80 induction tops

The Modular 80 range of products created by Electrolux provides customers with a number of benefits. Order suitable induction tops to experience all of them in your commercial kitchen today.

Electrolux Thermaline Modular 80 induction tops features:

  • Quick deployment with the entire heating power instantly;
  • Almost the entire ceramic plate surfaces can be utilized with no dead spots;
  • Lowered heat dissipation to other kitchen areas;
  • Pans are easily removed without lifting;
  • Water resistance certification;
  • Glass ceramic surfaces are smooth and can be easily cleaned to guarantee maximum hygiene levels;
  • Overheat protection through special temperature sensors that switch induction tops off;
  • Easy access to all elements;
  • Different power levels for improved user comfort;
  • Control lights for every zone;
  • The best connection system for seamless kitchen applications;
  • Metal knobs have soft silicon grips for high hygiene levels and facilitated cleaning procedures;
  • Prevented liquid infiltration and increased sturdiness;
  • Flat-surface construction with no hidden areas;
  • Big digital display that resists heating and shows the necessary settings.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline Modular 80 induction tops price

Choose the offers of Maran Projekt GmbH because it’s an authorized international supplier of Electrolux cooking appliances to many countries. It sets competitive rates on high-quality induction tops to let all consumers enjoy their innovative technologies. Prices on this cooking equipment vary from €7,362.02 to €17,302.09 based on such product specifications as a built-in oven and sizes. Every induction top is made by Electrolux to last for a long time and guarantee constant savings.

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