Electrolux Professional 700XP Inductions HP

Electrolux Professional 700XP inductions HP

Electrolux introduces the most effective solution for low energy consumption and express servicing. Choose 700XP inductions HP because this equipment for professional kitchens is fast and efficient.

It provides users with accurate control and can meet all of their cooking requirements. Start saving energy on a regular basis due to a range of efficient features and innovative functions.

Electrolux 700XP inductions HP

  • Induction plates with an efficient overheating safety device;
  • Using the entire surface of ceramic plates with no dead spots;
  • Less heat dispersion to create a more comfortable working space;
  • Incredible savings because of a special pan detection device;
  • A superb increase in cooking procedures and the amount of cooked food;
  • Safe for all cleaning and working operations because the surface heats up only after a direct contact with induction pans;
  • Low heat dissipation to kitchen settings;
  • Corrosion and rust resistance;
  • Separate indicating lamps for all zones placed on a control console;
  • Exterior panels in durable stainless steel to increase a service life;
  • Glass-ceramic cooking surfaces with independently controlled induction zones and even heat distribution;
  • It’s possible to fill the well placed beneath a container support with ice to keep cool;
  • Integrated overflow pipe for efficient drainage;
  • No gaps and dirt traps between units, thanks to right-angled side edges;
  • A number of optional accessories based on a customer request;
  • Power to separate zones is easy to set with progressive output functions;
  • Meeting all customer needs and being compliant with the highest industry standards;
  • Pressed 1-piece working top in durable stainless steel;
  • The glass-ceramic plate isn’t heated directly to minimize the risk of burning on a cooking surface.

Electrolux Professional 700XP inductions HP price

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