Electrolux Professional Washer FL 400 - 1100 litres - Clarus

Electrolux Professional Washer Extractors FL 400 - 1100 Litres – Clarus

All professional laundries are different, and that’s why Electrolux offers an extensive range of highly efficient solutions to guarantee that all customer needs will be met. High-quality washer extractors are in high demand because of economy performance time and a perfect balance of features.

Special Clarus controls enable operators to choose the right program set-ups to fit laundry needs. Finding the right balance between low energy and water consumption while maximizing washing results guarantees a shorter processing time of professional washer extractors.

Electrolux Washer Extractors FL 400 - 1100 Liters – Clarus

Top-notch units are designed by Electrolux while considering the best balance of time savings, economy, and performance. All machines are equipped with a full range of washing programs and cycles in a special program library. Consumers can choose any suitable configuration of washer extractors and all programs will be of a desired selection.

Electrolux professional washer extractors FL 400 – 1100 liters are all equipped with Clarus Control, which monitors all functions.

  • 192 customized and 9 standard programs to choose from;
  • Special microprocessor guarantees a perfect combination of optimal water levels, timing, and temperature to offer minimum consumption and superior performance;
  • Easy searching because an ergonomic knob makes it fast to find the necessary program;
  • Easy-to-see icons make the process of program identification a simple process too.

The range of heavy-duty washer extractors designed by Electrolux includes such options as W4400H, W4600H, W4850H, and W41100H. They all are specifically made for professional laundries and large-scale in-house laundry applications. Units have incredible productivity and ergonomics.

  • Fully programmable Clarus Control microprocessor;
  • High extraction force to guarantee effective water removal;
  • Frequency control motor to ensure flexible drum actions, including the extra gentle speed;
  • SuperBalance technology that provides the right extraction force with low vibration levels;
  • Prepared for thirteen liquid detergent supply signals;
  • Large door opening for simple and fast loading and unloading;
  • Solid stainless steel front panels;
  • Different liquid supply connections;
  • Direct steam for an improved heating process;
  • Electrical heating;
  • Front-mounted loading hopper for all kinds of manual operations;
  • Forward or backward tilting for simple loading and unloading;
  • Hands-off system to ensure fully automated loading and unloading;
  • Extra noise insulation panels;
  • Dual-drain valves to reuse systems and provide users with optimal water savings;
  • Solid frame for a long-term use;
  • Robust and compact design that makes washer extractors perfect for professional laundries;
  • Fixed washing programs;
  • 5-compartment supply injector.

Electrolux Professional Washer Extractors FL 400 - 1100 liters – Clarus Price

Maran Projekt GmbH offers the most reasonable prices on the professional washer extractors designed by Electrolux. You can order them for the prices ranging from €36,068 to €94,588. The final price that you pay depends on such specifications as a model, drum volume, heating, detergent supply, tilt forward, and others. No matter which choice you make, Electrolux guarantees the best washing results and long-lasting performance. Maran is a reliable distributor with excellent track records and customer ratings.

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