Electrolux Washer FL 65-330 litres and PW9C

Professional washers are manufactured by Electrolux to help consumers to choose a highly efficient custom-designed machine that perfectly meets all laundry needs. Highly efficient equipment provides users with infinite option and function combinations to improve the profitability and productivity of any business.

Compass Control is a unique technology that equipped machines with special wash program libraries. Wash Triangle is another technology to suit general in-house laundry needs of boarding schools, hospitals, marine installation, and so on. Feel free to configure Electrolux professional washers FL 65-330 liters and PW9C to meet personal requirements.

Use special economy programs to decrease regular running costs. Alternatively, if your laundry needs change, it’s possible to reconfigure machines from a library through time or performance settings.

Modifications and Prices:

Electrolux Washers FL 65-330 Liters and PW9C

High-quality Compass Control machines provide special wash programs developed by Electrolux to specifically suit customer needs.

  • Assign the most commonly used programs to a unique Quick start button function;
  • All-round perfection guaranteed by Electrolux;
  • Insight into the origins of excellence;
  • No matter of your laundry needs, washer extractors offer perfect solutions;
  • The best washing results;
  • Controls are important to any machine, and they are easy to use to guarantee that all washing operation are smooth and simple;
  • Providing users with enormous flexibility;
  • Machines are ideal solutions for general consumer needs in professional laundries;
  • Special tailor-made wash programs for a variety of applications, including indoor cleaning, healthcare, and others;
  • Ergonomic knob makes it faster and simpler to select the necessary program;
  • Icons are easy to see, thus letting you identify programs easily;
  • Large and multilingual display to increase customer convenience;
  • Multi-programmable;
  • Quick start buttons;
  • Wash Triangle benefits;
  • Possibility to preset frequently used wash programs;
  • Reliable, ergonomic, and high laundry performance;
  • New soft-grip door handle to fit your hand ideally;
  • Special Slip-lock handle to ensure trouble-free and safe operations in demanding working environments;
  • Handle turns freely if you try to open machines during a wash cycle;
  • Designed to improve a grip;
  • Clear and user-friendly display with a single knob and icons to operate easily;
  • Machines are built to last for a long time;
  • All important parts are subject to high stress and designed to be durable;
  • Guaranteed cost-efficient management;
  • Riveted technology guarantees rust-free and durable joints;
  • Automated weighing system to provide users with great savings on regular utility costs.

Electrolux experts took care of all details and dedicated themselves to build worry-free and safe washer extractors.

Electrolux Professional Washers FL 65-330 Liters and PW9C Price

Want to get the best professional washers manufactured by Electrolux? Turn to Maran Projekt GmbH, the official international distributor of this brand. You can order high-quality and efficient machines for the prices ranging from €3,111 to €16,233.75. There are different factors that affect the price that you pay, including automatic and manual detergent dosing, drum volume, voltage supply, drain valve, stop button, and others. In any case, Electrolux offers the most effective solutions for professional laundry operations.

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