Electrolux Professional W5180H

Suspended frame, drum volume 180l, 450G, with programmable microprocessor Compass Pro.

Electrolux Professional W5180H washers

Electrolux offers a top-notch product range of highly efficient and reliable washers that provide users with incredible savings and washing results. They can withstand rust and corrosion while ensuring high hygiene levels. Intuitive machines are perfect for any laundry because they improve its operations while consuming less water and energy.

Electrolux makes all W5180H machines easy to use and maintain. They are durable and economical to provide users with improved ergonomics and trouble-free servicing. You can easily tailor this equipment to your laundry needs.

Electrolux W5180H washers

  • Automatic Savings to enable machines to weigh the linen to adjust the necessary water and energy amount and provide users with increased savings (when units aren’t fully loaded);
  • PowerBalance for maximized extraction force that leads to great savings in drying and efficient dewatering;
  • Reduced vibrations to install this equipment in any location;
  • Minimized stress on washers to guarantee a long-term service and worry-free operations;
  • Strong hinged doors with gaskets are suitable for all kinds of heavy-duty applications;
  • Effective dewatering because of high extraction force;
  • Very low energy and water consumption for reduced utility bills and increased savings;
  • Washing program packages are optimized based on time, economy, and performance;
  • Four-compartment box to manually dose either liquid or powder detergents;
  • Fast and easy program and language choice;
  • Special buttons for favorite washing programs and options;
  • Large display and control knobs for increased user comfort and ease of use;
  • Compass Pro microprocessor;
  • Vital parts in galvanized or stainless steel to increase durability;
  • Connection to payment systems or coin meters;
  • High level of rust protection.

Electrolux Professional W5180H washers price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable dealer that specializes in distributing top-notch Electrolux washers to many parts of the world. This authorized company sets attractive W5180H prices on all models, ranging from 13739 to 14534.30 Euros based on different configurations, sizes, power, and other features.

This equipment is affordable to all consumers and guarantees the best laundry performance even in heavy-duty installations. It provides excellent water and energy savings, so it can be your wise investment.

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